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22 thoughts on “Art Eternal

  1. wow gay – some great imagery here…chlorine scented waiting rooms…was my fav i think…there’s a sense of emptiness in your writing in spite of the many things going on – exactly like in the painting…i always sense this emptiness in his works…no matter how crowded the painting might be… maybe it’s just me though…

  2. whew…what a write gay, some really creative internal rhyme and imagery…ugh a waiting room is or can be such a dismal place…you b rought it to life in a very surreal way…doctors in clouds generating shields…i hope you hear that music you end on…thanks for bringing it to a lighter note…and hope its not the muzak they play in the scratchy speakers while you wait…lol

  3. Does look like a surgical glove, and the pained expression on the busts face, you’ve really taken a dive into the surreal here Gay, liked the stripped down feel to your stanza, a story told but in a hinting at way that builds the momentum. I was thinking about you earlier trying to relax to some Carmen McRae, me and my jazz…

  4. Cold, sterile, clean but without beauty. These are harsh images, that sucks me right in…you have manipulated the language to drive the coldness home…and you have done it so brilliantly! But there is hope…always the hope for beauty! Amazing, Gay….(and I just realized I was still holding my breath from the stench of the chlorine!)

  5. You certainly took this poem in an interesting direction and brought it to an interesting conclusion;, and I admire that. I loved the phrase “loop in nothingness.” It seems so apt.

  6. You’ve definitely given this work a personally involved feel–that rubber glove is such an incongruous and yet perfect part of the composition–I was viewing it as some heavy chemical glove, but your analogy to doctors, to illness, sickness unto death and poisons dripping just took it into the heart of the picture for me. The green ball of hope ( like a miniature earth) the uncaring classically perfect faces of the dead-eyed statues, made by men who are dust to express ideas we no longer can live, and the arches, promising so much, refuge coolness, relief from the blinding polluted glare, and really leading into a maze of emptiness. Whew. Good poem, Gay. This is just one gut punch after another.

    And thanks for your kind words about a poem I now feel is an unmitigated piece of fluff. ;_)

  7. Oh my! This was amazing. The first thing I saw was the empty eyes. I’m glad you wrote of them. This whole part was my favorite,

    “empty eyes of loss, knowing loss, their false
    smiles meant to assuage fear with small

    green balls of hope for some life again.
    Unseen by families struggling against odds.”

  8. Great interpretation of the painting details… it is like you painted it yourself.

    Like these lines:

    “in my lifetime – taken what was given to subsist, now
    seeking cure, I pretend music knowing beauty awaits.”

  9. Looping in loss, you’ve become observer. I like the green balls of hope. The war and machine imagery fighting against poison is strong. Thanks for sharing this piece.

  10. breathtaking Gay ~ stunningly visual but also powerful pungency of deep rooted fears ~smell strongly pervades ~ hope interjects in the smallest form ~ but it is there although ‘unseen’ by families struggling’ ~ everything Joy expressed so well ~ just stunning ~ Lib

  11. wow have had a similar experience , and the after effects can be lifelong,but necessary from the chemicals one has to ingest …fab take on this painting hope your normalcy returns soon !

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