Photos © Gay Reiser Cannon -All Rights Reserved


Bus horns, cars blast past
Small trees, tall fences quiet
A city,  New York?

Wet crape myrtle blooms
Crimped lace through the back window
Serene orient

Gray silk afternoons
Parisian cats slink in shadows
Impressions linger.

The Arch testifies
History lives in cool walls
Roman holidays.

Postcards from the Nile
Cat goddess Bastet suggests
Sultry mystery.

Oven sent fragrance
Winter baked sweet with warmth
Viennese delights.

Dappled giraffe waits
On the coffee table plain
African retreat.

Bauhaus, forties sounds.
Daylight outlines nouveau curves
Filters time through slats.

Measured by spoonfuls
These days we dwell in Dallas
Worlds swirl in daydreams.

© Gay Reiser Cannon 2010 All Rights Reserved


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