Adjust, what else?


saw her the other day
in curlers at the drive-in,
the Dairy Queen or else McDonald’s.
She had the kids–
one spilled a malt on
her while I watched.
She yelled out the window
a layoff could be coming
and they might
start a business at home–
electronic junk, old army parts,
ham radio–I didn’t understand it all;
but she said the market’s big.

I asked her if she’d read a book,
that one I’d been reading.
She shook her head,
held up the baby,
and said, “No, just sewing.”

“Been home lately,” I asked,
“How’s your folks?”
….  “Oh, Dad just retired and
Mom’s slowly going crazy.”

Then she laughed to let me know
that Mother’s really
never do go crazy.

© Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved

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