doing DALLAS

catch the wave
Mad Max can tango
with a frog on Greenville

scared but daring
Thelma thinks she’ll try something new–
someone new, a black cat

new thoughts sparkle reflecting
nightlights; heat and power
traded softly on a starry midnight.

metroplectic mysteries
distorted through new mirrored buildings
cowboys and oilmen, tycoons trade places
with working class copies these days
fast second hands trying to get ahead.

the curious find it unlike L.A.
just another BUST;
the rich came here from Hollywood
to shoot a fiction about Dallas girls,
West Texas oilmen, hill country ranchers and
Fort Worth millionaires who pulled themselves
up by their own and everybody else’s bootstraps.

Where does fiction begin or end–
In L.A. or Dallas, on in your dreams?

© Gay Reiser Cannon 2010 All Rights Reserved

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