Entertaining Woman

For Rita

Keeping it all together
She dreams peace and survival,
Sheltered there by dappled second story leaves.
She sings hope and hears the stories in every key.
And through all the pictures and the music live
The trees and dogs and cats and all the lost souls
Who aren’t sure if they can make it without her.
She reaches for them all as if from her
Fingers she can spin safety nets.
Some believe and find soft landings there.
Doubters, more dense, fall …
They break her a little every time
Yet she knows there’s glue in the music
and she keeps it handy.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved


35 thoughts on “Entertaining Woman

  1. she sounds like a remarkable woman gay..i just LOVE the fingers that can spin safety nets…wish many more people could do this and help those that struggle..

  2. smiles…you really capture her well…i feel a bit of a kinship with her in wanting to spin those webs and save them…and the ping when she cant as well…and music always calms my soul….

  3. This is really a cameo well-etched of what makes a person who they are–the things they pick to do, the things/people they value…the language is also very satisfying to read–it brings that little jolt of recognition and identification, which is so peculiar to good poetry. I especially like the ending, Gay–there is indeed, glue in the music.

  4. This is all so beautifully said.
    The third line is lovely but this I really enjoyed:
    ‘Through art and music she lives with
    the trees, dogs, cats and all lost souls
    who aren’t sure if they can make it without her.

    Where would we all be without music. It can and does ‘save’ us at times.
    A truly lovely read Gay.

  5. /yet she knows there is glue in the music, and she keeps it handy/ is a lovely line. Rita was one the “keepers” for sure; how lovely that she was for real. reminds me a little of shirley maclaine as Madame Sousatzka.

    • I have that movie in my instant queue..haven’t seen it since it was at the movies. (I think she was stricter than Rita…Rita is a singer, and entertains children in hospitals as a clown on stilts, she keeps an open house and anyone blue, or hurting or in need of a clean house and shower (just about) is welcome. I always worried she might get hurt, but the angels protect souls like her.

  6. “Some believe and find soft landings there.
    Doubters, more dense, fall–
    they break her a little every time.”
    She seems a Mother Theresa type to me, tho more in the arts than in religion. I would love to sit up there on the second floor and have tea with her, knowing that if I clumsily drop a cup the glue is right there. I love the implication that people are that fragile, the truth that music can pull them together.
    (When I lost my tenure case a friend took me into her church and played piano in that acoustical marvel, and I wept out the strain to Liszt, Debussy, and Grieg. (It put me back together again.)

    • It’s so clear to me that music has been my soul’s salvation much of my life. When I am blue, I have the world of music to heal my spirit. And Rita’s piano is right when you open the door. Immediate jam sessions are likely any time there, and one is not too surprised if a chorus of dogs join in!

  7. Ah, yes…I see what you mean about the tie to mine. 🙂

    I hadn’t really written for the dVerse prompt, but it seemed to fit somewhat in that I wrote in response to a character (instead of writing ABOUT a character)…but Victoria said I should post anyway. The other prompt I wrote to (Musical Notes) challenges us to respond in 15 words or less. Thus, my terseness.

    Thank you for coming by and commenting. You’ve written a lovely character sketch here about/for Rita. Beautiful.

  8. Wondered about the dapple leaved 2nd story …her home…where she gives lessons or her studio..regardless, to me, the image sets the mood from which her character springs from..excellent.

  9. “as if from her fingers she can spin safety nets” thoroughly lovely. from her porch, under the “dappled second story leaves” (gorgeous) -I feel the salve that music is for her.

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