Palo Duro

when you live there
seems natural
goin’ out for picnics
layin’ on the rocks after
climbin’ around in the midday heat
listenin’ to rockinroll radio
“intrestin” you say as he unbuttons your blouse
lookin’ ’round at all the mystery

with kids of your own
you tell ’em about the Comanches
the trail of tears
the bandits, the cowboys
the cattle drives ..the weather

alone now,
back to see it again
you sense that weather
lifetimes of cold, heat, wind, rain
lifestorms that stripped and
tore at lime and granite
cliffs of petrified remains

you wonder at the
exposed layers of history
that flow into those fans
their colors and shapes
they teach
they make you understand

© Gay Reiser Cannon 2010 All Rights Reserved

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