Nine Years

Superimposition of Dealey Plaza on Dallas Skyline


Fades colors gray under a cast iron sky.
Reflects light in dull water washed
And blown cold silence.

This year
Cruel far more
Than sun split April;
Worn, worn and rubbed down.
Lulling outlines into nulled objects.

Dull days
All steel blue
No dusk, no dawn, no ember glow in
Dallas’ lines perpendicular and parallel.
Lifeless lines that intersect a pallid sky.

No season this.
No glassy brilliance revealed.
No reflections on metal cars or lofty towers.
The days turn my mind as the random stone
Blown over and exposed as dull as its other side.
A month spilt like this morning’s milk
Left to dry and overfilm my realm.


Felt like this
When autumn’s lights and brilliant colors
Belied the lamentation.

© Gay Reiser Cannon. All Rights Reserved

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