La Belle Époque

A string quartet of beauties
Plays on my bedroom wall
Painted in colors tuned to sepia
An art deco curve illuminates the
Classical look of each musician.
They wear backless gowns
Trimmed in lace
And their hair flows in waves
To match those made
By their vibrating strings
I imagine they’re playing
Satie Debussy or Ravel
but something in the shape of
The lamp whose pervasive light radiates
Throughout their evening serenade
Suggests something else
I think about those tones so silky
Fluid figures wrapping the room
Perhaps instead a piece insidious
and haunting as they are ~
a rag like Bolcom’s “Graceful Ghost”

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

Click link below to hear:

Graceful Ghost

9 thoughts on “La Belle Époque

  1. Beautiful the first to lines set the tone for beautiful music – amazing how a picture can take us to another world…lovely…bkm

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