Closed in, coat snugged.
Elegant ecstasies
Pillowed cascades of snow from trees
Soft falls

White light
Brighter than moon
Sparkling as Christmas day
Frost on berry red, ivy green
Leaves sharp

Ribbons, glass balls,
Silver tinsel, angels
Sit atop trees and view snowfalls

Like cotton balls
Quiet drifts, soft as down
Soft as children’s tiptoes on stairs
To see

Sleigh and reindeer
Stockings of fruit filled with
Dolls, books, movies, legos and tops
For them

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved


32 Takes

Photograph © Lisa Michelle Arhontidis Used With Permission
Photo Prompt Sunday 12/5/10

love with improper strangers
always so much to consider
acting at love and suffering fools
keeping track of places and rules
staying fresh in the moment
the lights are so bright, intense
what! they’re shooting from the rear
breathe, stay natural and yet I must appear
passionate, desirable, no mistake
God, let them get it this take

here before daybreak
this woman seems such a fake
she hasn’t said a pleasant word
sometimes this job’s absurd
digging deep trying to remember
Laura’s auburn hair last September
why couldn’t that love last
why didn’t I find a way to ask
my back’s about to break
God, let them get it this take

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved