32 Takes

Photograph © Lisa Michelle Arhontidis Used With Permission
Photo Prompt Sunday 12/5/10

love with improper strangers
always so much to consider
acting at love and suffering fools
keeping track of places and rules
staying fresh in the moment
the lights are so bright, intense
what! they’re shooting from the rear
breathe, stay natural and yet I must appear
passionate, desirable, no mistake
God, let them get it this take

here before daybreak
this woman seems such a fake
she hasn’t said a pleasant word
sometimes this job’s absurd
digging deep trying to remember
Laura’s auburn hair last September
why couldn’t that love last
why didn’t I find a way to ask
my back’s about to break
God, let them get it this take

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved





17 thoughts on “32 Takes

  1. Excellent eye for the pose beneath the act, and superb job of mingling the real and the artificial throughout, the private world and the one of heavy pretense, especially at the close. Great poem, Gay.

  2. Made me giggle Gay. Everyone else I’ve read thus far including myself went down the route of love, kissing passion! I absolutely adored the way you blew it out of the water!

  3. I too think you’ve done a masterful job of finding the story behind the photo and mixing the real moment with the unreality of taking the photo moment.
    His voice comes through loud and clear.

    Well done!

  4. Nice. Love the line that repeats signifying the photo opp. How cool! A great creative take on the prompt.” the lights are so bright for me / keep details in mind and seem / natural…”
    Very cool device to the piece—read it as inside the model’s thoughts during a shoot. Cheers 🙂

  5. ha nice – and in the movie it will be the perfect kiss and the whole cinema starts to sigh…and no one ever knows how hard it was to get it this way…nice

  6. This is simply the best take on the pic I have read so far… well done… you have shown us the sterile environment that actually produces pics like this which seem so alluring but are actually nothing but lighting, posing and photoshop…. and there we all thought of love and relationships… LOL…

  7. Thanks to all of you. I suppose it helped that I read some of yours before attempting it. I thought I had to find a different angle–you guys had used up all the great romance of that moment; so I flashed on this idea. Glad you liked it. I had fun with it Thank each one of you for reading and commenting. This prompt produced some really GREAT work today. Kudos to you!

  8. Interesting take! You certainly went another way with it – and I like the path you took. You’re peering into this thing from an angle (most of) the rest of us didn’t grab, picking up undercurrents largely unnoticed – great work.

  9. ooh what an interesting and unique take on the picture. (pun not intended) — It’s like I was watching the photo being captured, with a little peak into the model’s mind! Very well done!

  10. Absolutely imaginative! Terrific take on the image. Really, what’s behind the picture or what went into it? Who asks this question? You did! And it’s great that you did! Thanks.

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