14 thoughts on “HAIKU FOR MONDAY

  1. We picked the same picture and I *almost* wrote about a tiger, too. Our minds are rumbling along the same dirt road today. Very nice haiku with some movement and verve.

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  3. love your blog, your Haiku is beautiful.

    come here from another poet’s site, placed your link in my poets rally fresh poets to explore…

    Greetings! Happy 2011.
    I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 36…
    you have until Wednesday to make 18 comments among participants…
    Hope to see you in, Happy Tuesday!
    your support is precious! Bless you.

  4. “Tiger cloud”…interesting visual. Took a moment to stare at the cloud after reading to try and visualize the feline in the sky…Nice piece for the prompt.

    And to your comment on my blog: Haven’t read much McMurty myself, but I would definitely recommend “All the Pretty Horses” and the “Borders Trilogy” at large by Cormac McCarthy if you get a chance to read them. What spurred my poem. Thanks for the kind words – and glad to hear the pioneer spirit still lives on!

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