PaloDuro Days

PaloDuro Days
Skipping through the streams
Playing hide and seek
In caves, rocks, dry creeks

Tested nature there
Where rattlers weren’t seen
Hawks flew the baked air
Canyons shaped our dreams.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon
All Rights Reserved


14 thoughts on “PaloDuro Days

  1. See a haiku influence in the first lines of both stanzas in sound and syllable count. “Skipping through the streams” is a great line that sets up the flow of memories and natural imagery.

  2. An excellent description, both of a place vividly reproduced in color, detail and line, and the mood of the moment. Drawing this from the picture makes a very personal and effective piece. Craftsmanlike and still very free and musical. Nice one, Gay!

  3. Thanks everyone. I did see PaloDuro in this piece. If you go to older posts in this blog and scroll down, you will see a photo of the canyon with an earlier piece of mine.It’s not as huge and awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon but in it’s miniature of that canyon one gets up close to the stripping away of time. Visit it if you ever get a chance. In summer there’s an outdoor play called TEXAS with a re-enactment of the pioneer days in the panhandle of the state.

  4. I really appreciate all your comments and do apologize that my first link took you to the wrong poem. I’ve got to be careful what I click on. I like that you read my simple words. Thank you, Gay

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