14 thoughts on “PaloDuro Days

  1. See a haiku influence in the first lines of both stanzas in sound and syllable count. “Skipping through the streams” is a great line that sets up the flow of memories and natural imagery.

  2. An excellent description, both of a place vividly reproduced in color, detail and line, and the mood of the moment. Drawing this from the picture makes a very personal and effective piece. Craftsmanlike and still very free and musical. Nice one, Gay!

  3. Thanks everyone. I did see PaloDuro in this piece. If you go to older posts in this blog and scroll down, you will see a photo of the canyon with an earlier piece of mine.It’s not as huge and awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon but in it’s miniature of that canyon one gets up close to the stripping away of time. Visit it if you ever get a chance. In summer there’s an outdoor play called TEXAS with a re-enactment of the pioneer days in the panhandle of the state.

  4. I really appreciate all your comments and do apologize that my first link took you to the wrong poem. I’ve got to be careful what I click on. I like that you read my simple words. Thank you, Gay

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