In  silk  satin   pearls
close your eyes and dream a dance
to the milky way

The wind whispers lies
the sun burns them with its truth
the ashes fall like snow

Imagine a place
where sea winds blow in wisdom
and waves break with love.

Water laps jetty rocks
the full moon skims silver waves
a heron dives for it

Caterpillar crawls
along the dark wet branches
a detached boxcar.

Beyond the footbridge
past the clock in the steeple
we will walk through time

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon

All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Oh some of both. A couple of these were particular favorites that I thought exemplified the kinds Shashi defined. Thanks lovely Moon lady. You worked very well and diligently today. Kudos!

  2. Thank you everyone. I’ll add one more i wrote after I posted this to promote our site @onestoppoetry. I appreciate that all of you support us as that is what we want to do for you too. We want to provide a community of trust and mutual support for writers and artists of all types.

    Here is my new haiku (in case you missed it in the twitter stream)

    Pale delicate yarns
    sewn and knotted together
    tapestries of words

  3. Lovely, lovely, haiku. In the spirit of classical haiku. But relevant and modern, too.

    I like them all, and find your voice is very clear in this rather hard (in the classical sense) form.

    I must read more…and will read Shashi’s piece.

    However, that picture to me seems more Maiko than Geisha. That red neckline, the hairdo, and the obi. LOL!

    But then again…it’s all guess work from this angle.

    Lady Nyo

  4. Dear Gay

    You write perfectly as far as i am concerned. All of them are beautiful. The image is so apt too… Great work.

    Most of the haiku that you have put here has that sense of contrast, like the image of ash as snow flakes or the dance from here to the galaxy in the first one.. and some of them you have time as the seed. Detached box car and the crawl. .Beautiful images.

    The one you have put in the post too is great.
    Pale delicate yarns
    sewn and knotted together
    tapestries of words

    Perfect for One Stop Poetry…

    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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