Fertile Fields


There in that rock wall
formed by hard compression
mortared by fleeting feelings
now crumbling thoughts
let me be a window
to prescient possibilities.
Past a wasteland
of anguished dreams
lie fertile fields of adventure
awaiting fresh resolve to
discover, invent and create.
Upon what I give you
Build strong structures
more durable than rocks –
truth that will withstand
the erosion of time.
You ask how and I say,
Datta, Dayadhvam, Damyata.
And you ask again and I say
Restrain yourself.
Still you ask and I say,
Be charitable.
One last time –
Have mercy!

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon *
All Rights Reserved 02-2011

4 thoughts on “Fertile Fields

  1. Great allusion to The Wasteland, which delves even further into Elliot’s particular reference to the Upanishads—which I think means to give care and sympathize through action, as well as through one’s artistic expression. Indeed, “a window to prescient possibilities.” Your poetic thoughts reveal intentions of helping others in a way that is lasting. I admire the message, and the utilizing of a picturesque landscape as inspiration for creation.

  2. This was pure and flowing and hightened in intensity at the end. Thank you Dustus for your comments as well. I googled “those” 3 words and learned a few things. I would much rather read Elliots Prufrock than the Wastland….but this helped me understand a smidge of Wasteland. Oh to have the time of a poor college student again. Loved the poem.

  3. such a positive weaving throughout from ‘wasteland’ ( also ref Eliott) ‘discover, invent , create ‘ ~ Loved ~ Lib @libithina

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