At Thirteen

Written for this musical prompt by CLOVERFIELD
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What do you want me to do?
Stay here always with you?
I feel the need now to go-
There’s a world for me to explore.
I’m already thirteen,
Lots of things I haven’t seen.
I have big hopes and big dreams,
Ideas of what I could be.
Why must you always say,
Take a bath, brush your teeth?
What’s the deal with staying clean?
What do you want when you demand
Do your homework and prepare!
Don’t you think I give a care?
What do I think you mean?
Why do I still need a hand?
I have two feet that can land
Every time I think I will jump
You want me to hurry and run.
So this is what I think I will do
I’ll live here at home now with you.
Until I can go out there alone
And find a persona to own.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 6.28.13 * All Right Reserved

1 thought on “At Thirteen

  1. my granddaughter is 13, independent, stubborn, too smart for her own good ~ you could reach out and catch her thoughts to mirror your words. you have captured the age perfectly, Gay. ♥

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