The Show Must Go On – Posted for One Shoot Sunday by Jacob F. Lucas

The days of Studio 54 were over and Brooke
Shields has stopped playing Sally Bowles in
New York City where we wait for that
little blond chic in a cheerleader uniform
that ditzy girl who moved from Brazil to
Alabama seeking unusual relationships in a club
where Russians mix drinks with Californians
the dust in the back was still coated with coke
when a seagull flew over cherry blossom trees
outside & inside it set up a clamour while the
club dj licks her finger and promises to give good sleep to all
Some man in the corner is lecturing about texts
while the dancers on the floor move around iphones and
androids in a kind of musical chairphones to mix
partners and liquor blaming everything on parents
who warn this way only leads to social success
or dependence depending on how you look at it
Outside more people in coats are selling and simultaneously
warning against girl scout cookies and a girl in a brownie
hat is singing the theme from Six Feet Under
Oprah comes on a big screen and says thank you
in fourteen languages as she turns into a dove and
flies toward Africa then the dancing continues and a
voice says “do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips”
everyone falls on the floor and begins to wriggle before
rolling into a black circle rising up from the floor
which when caught in the laser lights proves to
be a trampoline and the music changes to
a duet of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber moaning
in harmony perfectly on key and the people who got
up were able to walk all over those who stayed on
the mat in a kind of thrilling S&M re-enactment
of who’s waiting for good or just waiting or oh yeah,
that Godot guy who knew two bums on the road
would have the last laugh on an empty stage
so cold and considering there were buskers
in the subway with more talent,  I left.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

34 thoughts on “OFF BROADWAY

  1. So many things I could comment on, but Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber prompting and S&M re-enactment is just over-the-top! lol Love how you set the stage back in the Studio 54 days to transform into quite a bizarre composite of scenarios loaded with social commentary among numerous pop cultural references. Quite the challenge response! Great write.

  2. ROTFLMAO! “I left.” perfect ending. i agree ~ the pop culture references are wonderful, especially ~
    “a duet of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber moaning
    in harmony perfectly on key”
    great One Shoot!
    dani ♥

  3. WOW where to start so much populating your stage here! I love that this piece is cramped packed with references but then there are the pauses, the air in between the hiatuses (hope that makes sense). I’ve been very tardy and haven’t written any new peetry for a while your piece has inspired me to start in fact I’m kinda heading that way regarding my one woman play ie to maybe write in a poety style rather than prose

    • That would be such a good approach I think Gwei. I know it will be unique and have your special outlook and voice. Thanks for the comment and I will check in with you soon. Gay

  4. Wow! That was a wild, frolicking ride! So much to say, but Oprah, everyone wriggling on the floor, and the s/m re-enactment cracked me up. And of course, that simple, yet telling ending! Fantastic and fantastical take on the prompt!

  5. Santa Baca! (holy cow!) Why did I even write my sheepish little piece. You cover a lot of ground and filled that stage with some awesome juxtaposition. Even Bieber…even Bieber.
    Oh my!

  6. What a fabulous (intentionally) run-on sentence! And after all, in a chaotic atmosphere like that, everything does happen at once. Got to love Oprah lol. And the ending is excellent, from Godot to the mention of buskers, to “I left.” Brava!

  7. lol nice piece!…oprah turning into a dove.hmmm sometimes i wish she would.”do the Helen Keller”.shame on you!but i can’t stop laughing!sign me up for more!

  8. ha – this was nice gay – enjoyed it – do you know that justin bieber is a finalist in the shorty awards as well? maybe you will meet him in new york..smiles
    loved the oprha part…

  9. Great stream of consciousness that out-absurds in realism any theater of the absurd. Love the slang and gratuitous pop-culture references, and the absolutely marvelously appropriate and devilish finish. Truly a spangly, creative write. Most excellent!

  10. There’s so much to like here. I love the flow as each word effortlessly flows into the next and weaves a collage of sights and sounds that are both familiar and not – a meta-history of cheap, disposable media that we both reference and forgotten we’ve referenced. It strikes me, too, that the narrator (you?) is just beyond it enough to have seen it all and be so unimpressed as to making leaving easy, after catching an eyeful of the parade. Brilliant!

  11. Like a revolving door. Just warning I talk like that when I am nervous hope I can leave my nervous beans at home and not bring them to NYC

    Love ya talented lady

  12. I am always delighted at the different ways people treat the same prompt – which is of course the whole point of the exercise. Your poem and mine are almost siblings – yours the big brother and mine the little pipsqueak sister. People will say, “I can’t believe they are related,” but then on looking more closely will see tiny familiar resemblances. Very very different yet related. I loved reading it of course 🙂

  13. Magnificent. Society lives in perpetual cultural disorder, a falling-apart which makes worse nonsense of old nonsense, the disco daze of Studio 54 become the pop-apocalyptic gestures of Lady Gaga. Such life is always too much like death, like a dance of death, mimicking in shadow and reverse every good thing. The mob is here, gathered from the outer limits of celebrity buzz and assembled on a stage that looks like it had its heyday in the 30’s … and they’re’ still doing the same theatrical thang, equal parts vaudeville, musical comedy, magic show and burlesque, all performed by ghosts of the originals, ever faithful to the music of things falling apart. Bravo, encore! – Brendan

  14. Ooo, love the contemporary slide show – for that is what it came to! From djs to Biebers to Godot…the absurdist masterpiece, and what a fine thing to connect in here. Potent and energetic piece you’ve laid on us here, Gay – you saw whole worlds in that image.

  15. Thank you everyone for your generous comments. I had a blast writing it. It came to me as I wrote and having spent a good deal of time in my life in one kind of theater or another it was pretty easy. There’s that pop culture monger deep inside me that just has to look but only in the grocery check out line. Still it was fun to pile the images up that way. You’ve all been very gracious. Gay

  16. Indeed, a blast, Gay! I followed through each line and relived NY, especially scenes from off-Broadway, the East Village I’ve known a bit. You’ve written here an excellent ‘play’ with wildly but intensely choreographed scenes–life born of the moment to soar in the galaxies and then fade in the firmament or corrode back to earth. Awesome!

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