A Triolet at Trianon

Le Petit Trianon Palace – A Historic Part of the Palace at Versailles
In the court of Louis XIV, his mistresses and ladies of the court would
dress as Shepherdesses (sort of Little Bo Peeps) with crooks and take to
the lawns pretending they were “country folk” where they would engage
in folk dancing and such.


The music framed the scenery
The flautist wore a dirndl dress
While garlands wound about each tree
The music framed the scenery
When Spring wore all her finery
The dancer dressed as shepherdess
Her partner only greenery
The music framed the scenery
With flautist in a dirndl dress

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “A Triolet at Trianon

  1. Unfortunately wordpress ate my last comment. I didn’t have a chance to read it. It was put in spam and when I tried to move it, it was deleted. I don’t even know who wrote it. Sorry.

  2. Gay this is very true to form and flows effortlessly. Your iambs are spot on in tetrameter and even tge tgeme is fitting for a triolet. I thank you ever so much for linking up today, and hope to see you next week also?

  3. Charming and like a dance in itself, with all the glittering artificiality and blind oblivion to the reality outside the walls of that court–the waiting end is offstage, but adds a touch of dark spice to the frivolity. Very nice triolet, Gay–original and thought-provoking. And nice echo to the heritage of the form.

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