Picture of Underground Escalators courtesy of James Rainsford

Stainless strips and steps in Londontown;
where I hear those deep beat busking sounds.
Come with oyster early, cash in hand;
Ride the Central line beneath the Strand.
Sliding doors I change at London Bridge
Merging there with slackers nouveau riche.
At Canary Wharf my friends await.

Leaving late to lurch through Bishopsgate
Past St. Paul’s two hops a skip away.
‘cross the Thames where I could stay,
Dance entranced the new Globe’s wooden stage;
While near Bow bells oldtime minstrels play.

Cockney garb adorned with pearls that spell
Bloomin’ love that’s built on Roman ruins.
Some might long to leave for rural lands;
But I yearn to live my life in that grand
Old town a rumblin’ on the Underground.

(c) Gay Cannon 2011 * All Rights Reserved


Photography by Greg Laychak

I was sold;
my youth was stolen.
Blossoms fell,
I fell with them.
Squalid, rough, mean, and shameful;
always lived in fear.

Growing up–
jaded, resenting
gems, make-up;
forced to smile.
On display, flaws ably hid;
acting out a lie.

The world changed
but I could not change.
I was owned,
never free.
What were politics to me
or geography?

Now I’m old,
I can close my legs.
I can sit,
I can wait.
Others are paid to serve me.
I still dress in silk.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon – 2011* All Rights Reserved

A Shadorma Set based on the photograph for OneShootSunday (c) by Greg Laychak

On The Island

Photography Courtesy of © James Rainsford

The sea called
we met it with love
edge walking
rhythm, roars
we kept mostly to ourselves
splashed with sea music

Always blue
but never feels sad
freshly brought
power wash
clears the cobwebs of our minds
sparkling in the light.

Playing house
castles in the sand
your small doves
my blackbirds
circled by the laughing gulls
music of the skies.

Seasons fly
lines cross sky and sea
we can feel
we can’t see
the myths share our time, our air,
sand blown memories

Heart feels time
it’s never enough
all we have
all we give
through the spray and the sea tears
all evaporates

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon *2011 * All Rights Reserved
Shadorma Sets

Beyond Gravity’s Rainbow


In my dream
I jumped to ascend.
As I rose
all else fell.
Lines curved, solids deliquesced
colors turned to time.


Through my dreams
I float in colors.
Silk skies sleep,
Stars beckon.
Light pierces through vast spaces;
My thoughts fly faster.


I observe my flight.
points of light
define my moving body,
colors my design.


Do I live,
Or is this dying?
Will answers
complete me,
fill up my empty spaces,
join with cosmic dust?

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.10.11 * All Rights Reserved

A Look at Prosody

Original Lines:

When the sunlight’s soft yellow
Coloring leaves red and brown
When the sky is tinted blue
Piercing tall pines dark green
When pumpkins and marigolds
Seem to get more than their share–

Changing them to iambic trimeter lines

The morning’s yellow light
With shadows soft and gray
Make autumn’s color dance
As through the leaves they play

The pines stand tall and green
The sky, a brilliant blue
The orangy blast of pumpkins
Explodes a hearty hue