Beyond Gravity’s Rainbow


In my dream
I jumped to ascend.
As I rose
all else fell.
Lines curved, solids deliquesced
colors turned to time.


Through my dreams
I float in colors.
Silk skies sleep,
Stars beckon.
Light pierces through vast spaces;
My thoughts fly faster.


I observe my flight.
points of light
define my moving body,
colors my design.


Do I live,
Or is this dying?
Will answers
complete me,
fill up my empty spaces,
join with cosmic dust?

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.10.11 * All Rights Reserved

29 thoughts on “Beyond Gravity’s Rainbow

  1. Wow, looking at color schemes before post. This woman would blend into the header on your blog. Perhaps she’ll float up and take a seat on the bench above. “Lines curved, solids deliquesced / colors turned to time.” Beautiful ending.

  2. Wow Shay, interesting thing to do. I never tried to do anything particular in my dreams. These days I often think I’m awake thinking the same repetitive thoughts asleep as when I’m awake. I’ll have to try that “training” thing.

  3. What a gift, Gay – not just one, but many delightful shadormas for us to bask in. Love the dream atmosphere you went to, this ethereal series that carries us lightly and energetically into a beauty of an ending. Breeds questions of reality…questions that lead to others…

  4. simply beautiful…I swear as I read those last lines, I felt as if I were floating among the stars..

    ( as an aside, just saw your critique…can’t thank you enough for taking time! ~angela )

  5. Simply stunning! You combine the two prompts wonderfully, and ask the deepest question…loved it, thank you. : )

  6. Like the additions, Gay. I especially enjoyed the second and third. I only posted one, and I think perhaps your last one is in the same general territory. This is quite the fun form, and you can say a bit more with it than some of the other short forms.

  7. This really does capture youth. A great exercise of conciseness. And you are obviously a master! “I float in colors” really captured my mind. Such a happy thought.

  8. these are great I really loved the last although the first is terribly clever for the prompt, I suppose if I had used the photo as a prompt as I should have I might have had more inspiration!

  9. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. I appreciate your taking the time to do it; it makes me feel I have a real friendship with each of you. I know it takes that extra time to comment and reading what you have written makes me feel special.

    Amanda, not to worry. The photo prompt was for Sunday and wasn’t necessarily meant to be used for today’s form poem. I happened to know that we were going to have Shadormas today and made use of the form for both days. Actually I only posted the first shadorma for Sunday’s prompt and then I added to it with the series for today. I guess (as usual) I wasn’t through talking.

  10. One of the things that knocked me out about this photo was the brilliant display of spring colors. Your poems helped me see and feel those colors in a different light. Lovely, Gay. Thanks for the lesson.

  11. Thank you so much for your gracious praise of the work. It’s funny what pictures inspire you to say isn’t it. Things you forgot you were thinking about. Well done all of you too. This was considerably easier to conquer than some of the forms we’ve encountered and some that lie ahead.

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