Across the room, your eyes hold me to start.
The rhythm pulls you to me and we dance;
quick flicks won’t trip us as legs pass, then part.
Guitars begin the beats of slow romance
emotions grip our bodies, wrap our hearts.
Accordions emboss an air of trance–
We met behind a Buenos Aires street,
an alley dance floor merged with tangos sweet.

© Gay Reiser Cannon

11 thoughts on “Milonga

  1. ’emotion grips our bodies, wraps our hearts’ wonderfully romantic and full of passion Gay ~ loved the depictions and the video was excellent alongside stunning dancing ~ thankyou so much Gay for giving your time sharing with us the form of Ottava Rima ~ I love all you write ~ Lib @Libithina

  2. I have to say it, I don’t like the use of clasp in your “b” rhyme. Other than that, I am loving the hints of sizzle coming from this write and look forward to the rest of the tale.

  3. Oh! Perfect tango, perfect poem…..they went so well together.

    As a belly dancer, I have been trying to get my husband to learn tango with me…from the internet! Surprisingly, he watched a few tango dances, and boy! can he pick up things fast….too fast.

    I think poetry and dance, or music go together like bread and butter.

    Lovely, Gay!

    Lady Nyo

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