Thank you dear lord for this shower
Thank you dear lord for hot water
Thank you dear lord for an hour
Underneath this running water

Thank you dear lord for inside plumbing
Thank you dear lord for toilets flushing
Thank you dear lord for this good scrub
Thank you dear lord for spas, bathtubs

I say this prayer everyday
To earlier times some long to stray
But even in a tardis with Dr. Who
I’d want conveniences, wouldn’t you?

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011


rocket robot
roll it over
rock it – roll it
rocket robot

push the starter
press it harder
over orbit
racy power
take it higher
super joy stick
million gigabyte
satellite night
engines ignite
machine in flight

work it robot

rock it robot

roll it robot

move it robot

rock it robot
over orbit
rocket robot
rock & roll it
rocket rock it

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon

Leadbelly Blues

Found him on the corner of Bourbon and Royal
He was a great big black Texas boozer
I knew he had a place for me to spoil.

We traveled everywhere ‘round these parts
Me waitin’ on the back cold stones
Him playin’ that flat box and tearin’ out hearts.

He called me Tatters.  He left barbecue on the bones,
And let me slop the beer up after we left the joints’.
We slept in flophouses and he wrote hundreds of songs.

Once we went all the way to see a Dallas man
Took us most near a week ridin’ them slow freight trains—
Hitched in from Ft. Worth and walked over hot bricks and sand.

He was worn out from the travel and he needed a job
Stoppin’ on that city street called Ellum
He talked to someone but they called him a slob.

He took up fightin’ then and knocked that man to the ground.
I was runnin’ full out when I caught him up, down ‘bout two blocks.
A sassy woman said, “C’mon I’ll give you some if ya come around.”

We was mellow when the evenin’ came and rain started to fall
Lickin’ his hand I was tryin’ to tell him it’d all be fine,
When a blind man that everybody knew wandered into the hall.

Blind Lemon, Blind Lemon sing us that old blues again!
Sing it with this big bad blues man come here from Nah‘leans.
Leadbelly, this be Blind Lemon—finest livin’ black blues man.

I heard them two rounders holler, and strum into the night
Singin’ out their souls; makin’ music with great might.
Never will forget in all my wandrin’ years
Down in Deep Ellum— such joy and sadness in my ears.

© Gay Reiser Cannon  All Rights Reserved

When America Touched Me Like That (in a patriotic way)

September 2001 – Park Plaza Hotel Boston

In Gallup
just ten years old then
July Fourth
stopped for gas
we happened on the parade
saw Indians dance

At twenty
pregnant in DC
dome with flag
flying unfurled at sunset
made me cry

With my son
standing on “rude bridge”
looked toward
Concord where
they fired the shot heard, there and
’round the world

The mist cleared
my husband and I
holding hands
in the park
first saw the Golden Gate Bridge
felt the history!

A billboard
in Alabama
three days since
the attack
on twin towers in New York
“United We Stand”

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon *7.2.2011



The epitaph on the gravestone read

“Reckon he did
and then some,”  he thought as he read the words again.

Your granddad was quite a man, son.
You don’t know it all.
No one does I don’t suppose.

Almost everyone they knew ‘as civilized;
So they came here where ‘t was wild
And tamed it, hmph, sort of.

Hard to see though
Hid behind all the concrete and city
What they saw
What they dealt with
What they conquered.

Not a hunderd years son
Not a hunderd years ago.
Their own world.

Your grandad
His enemies,
His friends.

You heard them,
You know the stories!
Out of nothing
A new place, a new land.

Hard work then,
Hard work now.

Still room for heroes
And work to be done.

(c) 1990 – Gay Reiser Cannon Pioneer by beachanny