The epitaph on the gravestone read

“Reckon he did
and then some,”  he thought as he read the words again.

Your granddad was quite a man, son.
You don’t know it all.
No one does I don’t suppose.

Almost everyone they knew ‘as civilized;
So they came here where ‘t was wild
And tamed it, hmph, sort of.

Hard to see though
Hid behind all the concrete and city
What they saw
What they dealt with
What they conquered.

Not a hunderd years son
Not a hunderd years ago.
Their own world.

Your grandad
His enemies,
His friends.

You heard them,
You know the stories!
Out of nothing
A new place, a new land.

Hard work then,
Hard work now.

Still room for heroes
And work to be done.

(c) 1990 – Gay Reiser Cannon Pioneer by beachanny

10 thoughts on “PIONEER

  1. You evoke the spirit of the past well here, Gay. I was born and raised in a big city and never saw the land til I came here–and the toughness, the get it done quality of the pioneer is still here–I grew up around people who knew every excuse in the book to avoid commitment and responsibility–I was amazed when I got here to see what people can do when they are able to look at what needs to be done and just DO it. Whether it hurts, whether it’s inconvenient, whether you get recognition or not–your poem says all this and more, much better. Way to go, dear.

  2. Oh Gay I love the spirit of the poem. The hard working pioneer mentality both of the past and the present
    fun to see the poet Gay from the past as well

    Thanks and Happy 4th

    P.S. I wish I had saved my work – where are archives when you need them???

  3. still room for heros – until today..and work to be done…love the closure, love the whole poem…you capture that pioneering spirit so well…and only 100 years ago…taming what is wild…kind of..i like and love that you wrote this like a conversation

  4. One of my abiding images of the USA was one I visited Pittsburgh in the late 70’s and saw the oldest house – a wooden shack on a golf course. Over which, you saw in the distance a modern steel and glass skyscraper city. All transformed in a period barely longer then the age of my house!

  5. still room for heroes…this def evokes history and a much different kinda wild than the world we live…i think i would have liked the untamed lands…

  6. Love the spirit conveyed… a spirit often lost in the city sidewalks and alleys… not to mention in the offices and conference rooms. Wonder what ever happened to that spark of life left in the dust.

  7. Ha. John. When I stayed at Maureen’s in Shrewsbury, on the way up the stairs I touched the wall and the stairs made a creaking noise. I said, “your house is pretty old, I guess” (thinking it was probably at least 100 years old). “Yes,” she replied. “They say both Elizabeth I and Shakespeare stayed here.” I was dumbfounded. Shouldn’t have been though. All clay & wattles 🙂

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