Thank you dear lord for this shower
Thank you dear lord for hot water
Thank you dear lord for an hour
Underneath this running water

Thank you dear lord for inside plumbing
Thank you dear lord for toilets flushing
Thank you dear lord for this good scrub
Thank you dear lord for spas, bathtubs

I say this prayer everyday
To earlier times some long to stray
But even in a tardis with Dr. Who
I’d want conveniences, wouldn’t you?

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011

24 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I’m smiling. Yeah, no baths would pall very quickly on me, I’m afraid. It may be a prosaic subject but it’s well worth a poem. We are way too prone to take our luxuries for granted.

  2. yes gay – so much reason to be thankful… and we (or i) way too often take it for granted.. but it isn’t… good to be a bit online again.. i missed you all…

  3. You know we all taking our tap water and toilet flushes so much for granted, until, we don’t have the at a hand for some reason.
    Where we used to live we were on a sump pump and our water only worked as long as we had electricity. If we had power outs (which we’d have a lot in winter) we couldn’t flush the toilet nor run the taps at all or, the pump would lose it’s prime, (whatever that meant, I just knew it wouldn’t work and would mean big trouble) so now, I’m like you I’m thankfull for every drop and try to conserve it as much as I can too, especially when you see all those poor souls dying from the lack of it elsewhere, it’s heartbreaking.
    It’s so nice to thank the higher powers that be for our blessings.

  4. The cultivation of water is a strange thing … what a huge advance in human comfort with the invention of the water closet. And thus the wild outside becomes the cultured bath, a womblike immersion without the seaweed, gestalt without all the salt. Amen and pass the rubber duckie … Brendan

  5. Water is not available for many..many that do have it are wasteful..
    this is a fun read yet still has a serious undertone..
    much enjoyed Gay

  6. I’d been reading about forms when I chose to write this in this manner. I knew I wanted to write about my appreciation for indoor plumbing as the older I get the more I think how living has changed since my grandmother’s time. Why they seemed so much older at an earlier age. I think just washing clothes and dishes, trying some way to clean clothes and themselves was so difficult without electricity and running water which allow for dishwashers, dryers, clothes washers and the luxury of showers, bathtubs, toilets, personal lavatories, wetbars, and kitchen sinks.

    I came across a form called a Kyrielle (this is not one). However it’s a French form based on the call and response of the Kyrie Eleison and the last line of each stanza employs that type of litany like phrase. I thought I might try it but ended up writing all last lines and while it came out a little like Dr. Seuss I thought it was an antidote to my rather serious last few poems.

    Thank all of you kind people for coming by and reading it and commenting. I agree we need to be so considerate in this world we share with so many (so no I don’t stay in the shower an hour) and we should try to conserve resources as much as possible.

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