A Winter’s Cottage – Thomas Kincaid

Earth’s raked its brown and jagged leaves
empty branches barbed and arms yearning

snow begins to fall, ermines turning white
the lake freezes to a moon silver mirror

the wren returns to feathery down
in the eaves of the twilight house

night covers the lilac landscape
windows serve as yellow beacons

a husband returns to his ocher train station
then slogs home to the warmth of her kitchen

and the heated fragrance of love

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 11/11/11 * All Rights Reserved

46 thoughts on “EVENTIDE

  1. Lovely combination of seasonal and color imagery. I especially like “the lake freezes to a moon silver mirror”. Your use of the verb “slogs” is a nice counter to the more romantic senses to which you return us with “the warmth of her kitchen// and the heated fragrance of love”.

    • Thanks Maureen. Still trying to make those verbs do heavy duty. It’s so easy to rely on adjectives but I keep trying. One day I’ll hone it to essentials. It’s a life-long experiment of trial and error.

  2. the heated fragrance of love…that is what a home should smell like for sure…and most certainly the kitchen…this is a tender piece gay…i enjoyed it…maybe snow by the end of the week here…

  3. Really nice write, really bring us there. Also has this “classical” style to the piece, which I tend to really enjoy. So cool how you used ocher, and no kidding I had a question on a crossword about color I had OC then r after three blanks. I had put it down. I never “cheat” and look up the answers instead I come back to them after, what I like to call “enlightenment” takes place. Thanks for providing that:)

  4. this makes me feel all warm around my heart…the coming home from the cold into the warm embrace of the one you love…beautiful.. love the pic as well…would move in there in a minute..smiles

  5. very down home homey. Your write makes the whole wintery scene gorgeous, alluring, and very livable.

    the ”heated fragrance of love” is a great phrase, as well as ”the lake freezes to a moon silver mirror.”

    nice piece.

  6. This is lovely! Especially enjoyed

    “Earth’s raked its brown and jagged leaves
    empty branches barbed and arms yearning’

    Just a lovely poem to sink into and travel toward those yellow beacons and home once more. A real beauty to your writing in this. Thank you for sharing!

  7. In The Poetics of Space, — a great mediation on the poetry of interiors — Gaston Bachelard quotes Baudelaire: “Isn’t it true that a pleasant house makes a winter more poetic, and doesn’t winter add to the poetry of a house?” You answer both questions perfectly here. Nothing like coming home on a winter’s day to a warmly occupied house (even here in Florida!), to “the heated fragrance of love.” Mmmmmm – Brendan

  8. This goes deeply, Gay, into the heart of the season and a marriage. The imagery, bird returning to a downy nest under the eaves, the iced mirror-like lake, with the moon image, the cold, the lilac landscape outside,

    all this evokes such a peaceful and real landscape…you go effortlessly from the outside landscape to that internal landscape…and leave room for added thoughts.

    Gay, this is so beautiful, not just for the lovely imagery, the lyrical word play, but those emotions you evoke.

    Just coming in from cutting wood for the stove with a bad saw, and read this and found peace.

    Thank you, Gay. Transporting. Winter is my favorite season, the bare branches leave room for expectations. Your poem is like a down comforter.

    Lady Nyo

    • I think this poem is deeply influenced by your work, Jane. The color imagery calling up evening – of the day, of the months, of the seasons – the simple juxtaposition with a solitary man sent to work and travelling home. Thank you.

  9. I wanted the delicacy of color and imagery to symbolize the wife – the harsh color of ocher and the “slog” home for the husband to symbolize the husband’s feeling of separation, his day’s end tiredness. Returning home fulfills the longing in his “yearning arms” mirroring those of empty trees.

  10. This just makes me want to go sit by the fire with a hot brandy and enjoy being inside as a storm is coming in this evening. You create a feeling of well-being and stir up memories, Gay. Good ones.

  11. This is my favorite line “in the eaves of the twilight house” … can’t resist the melancholy, especially with such a sweet homecoming after it. Mmm, I’m a bit jealous of this woman.

  12. How scenic…the view within your words; a wonderful way to approach this picture. It makes me almost ready for snow…almost. “lilac landscape” indeed, I love that description as the night falls. ~

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