Kreisler – Liebeslied


The notes float like wood shavings
settling on cuckoos,
and a plank table carved out with hearts,
the bow flies across the strings
weaving strands
sugared icing on apple strudel
the kitchen warms around us

through the window the
world mounds in
bright as a young girl’s eyes
soft as ermine muff against a white velvet cape

drapes our stage with a snowy symphony
that backdrop to our winter waltz
where our grandchildren watch, wonder
giggle with embarrassment

we laugh as we lilt over
worn trails that have
seen our dances through these
many years

now the fiddler plays clearer
with each passing year
jonquils await under the snow
there lie landmarks of our
love and labor too

a garden sleeps until
spring pulls it to color
but for now we keep the hearts and flowers
bright and warm
with kisses in our eyes and
honey flowing through our hearts
What waltzes sweeter?

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 12.24.12 *


30 thoughts on “Kreisler – Liebeslied

  1. I love the last stanza Gay – it could stand alone and be strong but as an ending – there is nothing sweeter than the onset of spring bursting into life after the waltz of winter snow falls 🙂

    • Deeply moving compliment to me, Brendan. I believe you have lifted love and its art to new highs with your poetry. I know more of life for having read your work and I’m so truly grateful.

  2. gay this is gorgeous…from the opening line…notes floating like wood shavings…that made me smile as i spent time int eh wood shop with my great uncle and have peaceful memories there…i am way off topic at this point but…kisses in our eyes is nice as well…lovely gay…

    • That’s the right word, Brian – thanks and for the memory too! Lovely! I see a kitchen every time I hear this song. As I mentioned somewhere else, my muse is coming in the form of music lately!

    • Yes, there were lots of little bits of homage throughout. My son was in the show with Anna Maria Alberghetti and played Kurt. It has special meaning for me.

  3. I love this:

    “the bow flies across the strings
    weaving strands of
    sugared icing on apple strudel”

    I really enjoyed the short jags at the beginnings of your lines, illustrating short, quick, back-and-forth movements of the bow. Beautiful.

    • I love music and while it really is “everybody’s life” on some level, I do believe my husband and I invested almost all our life’s savings in our music collection. It is what cemented our marriage.

  4. when my son Neil was studying violin, his teacher made me get his Oistrick VHS, so he could study his technique.

    live stuff:
    we also got to see Piinchas Zukerman give a Master class at U. of Washington.

    my older son and i got to see Yitchak Perlman play at the Hollywood Bowl last summer.

    the three of us saw Midori play with the San Francisco Symphony.

  5. Heard Perlman in Aspen, know the others of course through television and their recordings. I have a full set of Midori playing Mozart. Zukerman’s Tchikovsky violin concerto is definitive for me and the sound of Itzhak’s violin is like none other – it transports..from Scriabin to Schumann; from Bach to Wieniawski, he leaves me breathless and spellbound!

  6. This is simply gorgeous! Lush imagry I like the juxtaposition of wood shavings stanza with the next softer one. Beautiful work throughout. :))

  7. The second stanza which some of you mentioned is a little tribute (in a fairly obscure way) to a portion of Women In Love by D.H. Lawrence. I loved when he called the swirling snow outside their lodge, “the navel of the world”.

  8. Oh Gay, drew the tears out of me….Pure, pure song of long.

    A classic. A classic of deep and abiding love. What a sweet poem of such pulsating memories.

    Thank you, Gay.

    Jane….I can’t say anymore because I am crying too hard.

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