i, working cat

© piccat.com

              as suspicious
                   as curious
             paint myself fence
           disguise myself leaves
         shade myself branches
            in stealth
              real wealth
                  the long tails,
                  the scissor-tails,
                   the bushy tails
           arrogance that flaunts
              those nut-eaters
          tree bug-eaters
     i, meat eater will feast
         fine, feed mine, divine
   repast, caught from behind
    or more fun, when done
            on the wing
                that's the thing

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2012

Posted for dVersePoets Poetics hosted by Mark Kerstetter – “through the eyes of the other” 2/4/2012

30 thoughts on “i, working cat

  1. meow….haha….you capture well the cat…my cat is def much of that…and thinks that any time we open the refridgerator it is for him…smiles…i like how he becomes the fencepost and the leaves…they think they are so stealth…haha

  2. If a cat could write, I’m sure he’d write just like this. Lovely cadence/rhyme sort of buried in the light tone, but it works well to underscore it, too. Very feline movement.

  3. I love all that’s been said above x2, but most of all, I think I love the play, and how even the appearance of the poem looks like the twitching tail…getting ready to pounce!

    • Thanks, Tash! I tried for that. Had to fight wordpress and its html to keep it and somewhere along the way my blog re-formatted itself to an all white background. Blogs, I still haven’t quite learned to control them! Thanks for the comment..I probably do speak cat. I’ve known kajillions!

  4. I like the cat-like slither in the shaper of your poem. I once heard, or saw on a nature show, that the only difference, in terms of behavior, between a domestic cat and a big cat of the wild is the size. I believe it.

  5. Cats. I love cats. The way you have described a cat here is absolutely spot on. But more than that your words dance and sing- and all the time I just had this vision of my own cat fulfilling every single line. Awesome 🙂

  6. Love, love , love this!! You have painted the Essence of a cat on the prowl…or not….

    The shape is like a wavy tail of a bushy cat…..and the rhythm is so fine! Carefully constructed poem, well, of course! It’s about cats and they don’t make any mistakes!

    Lady Nyo…who loves, loves, loves, her 14 cats…all in the house watching the football in the man cave…err, cat cave right now and dipping paws into the dressing for the veggie snacks. He, whose nose hasn’t stopped running in 27 years is draped in fur right now.

    • Well I have only one lame cat now, but I have had many all my life, and I do think and talk cat. Tried to teach Sam to speak English but Goldie comes closer. My outside cats thought humans were a vast nuisance but sometimes useful. Ha!

  7. you captured kitty purrrrrrfectly! delightful!

    wordpress is definitely weirding out a LOT lately. i had to unfollow then refollow this blog {and many others} because wordpress decided i didn’t need the email updates anymore. {smile}

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