“She moves,…she’s got one thing on her mind”

steel strong and sign determined
stealthing through revenge alleys
stinging streets on stiletto heels
spied secrets drawn from shades

“she’ll wear you out like a pair of shoes”

bringing heat that’s streamlined
slipped beneath her trench
shadows straight and to the right
she has her aim, and sets her sights

“she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee”

no dread or anger resides
in her, instead a killer chill
blown to ice – she will fight
she lays, all for all, on the line

“She bangs, she bangs, she’s got one thing on her mind”

target ahead under a light
promises broken, jagged crazy
moving with a piercing gaze
she stays clear as she resigns


(with apologies to Ricky Martin with lyrics from “She Bangs”)

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2012 * All Rights Reserved

56 thoughts on “SHE BANGS

  1. Strong words here! Loving the form and the pace. In fact- the pace really set off the seriousness of the words. I got here an image of a woman on a mission…maybe let down, hurt, scorned maybe…but putting all her anger and damage to one side- and instead, striding towards a better place, a better future- no longer being held back. like shes REALLY GOING FOR IT!. Just thought this was really passionate, and positive actually! i could feel the words rising in my chest as I read it. Niiiiicccccccccceeeeeee 🙂

    • I am just going to enjoy what each reader gets from it. I had three different objects in mind as I wrote it, and then thought it might work for a couple more. I’m eager to know what each person takes away from this.

  2. Wow Gay, this is a very strong poem….and all the ‘s’ words give a great sting and swing to this.

    I want her on my side of a fight! LOL!
    “Stinging streets on stilleto heels”….packs a punch!

    “She’s got one thing on her mind” is usually a sexual allusion, and sometimes a real putdown by some naysayer about women, but I don’t get that feeling with this. It’s more layered to me…..

    The pix is spot on for the poem…amazing.

    Lady Nyo

    • Yes, there is an addicting rhythm in the song where that line is clearly meant to be sexual. But my first thought was no…I know there are more things than sex, women have on their minds; but whatever it is, when a woman is purposeful..she’s as zongrik says “in the zone”.

  3. Wow…strong woman! Loved the alliteration and sibilance …added to the overall tone of ..obsession? revenge? They say it’s a dish best served cold…*shivers* I wouldn’t get in her way.. she’s certainly focused 😉

  4. Thank you – yes I had figure skaters in mind. Those fierce young women whose “killer” instincts are directed at that hard and brittle surface that they have spent a lifetime trying to tame. But I had other “bangers” in mind too (clue..there’s a keyboard that she’s standing on). It’s quite a monster…that black monster!

  5. But dear Gay…what does she wear beneath the trench? I’m sensing cougar on the prowl…target locked in her sights, and the young ones have NO idea what she’s capable of…and as for Ricky Martin…you needn’t apologize for outshining him… 😉

    • Thanks Jenne – Lilith came to play or stay. Ha. Funnily enough it took wings and flew. I was listening to the song and I thought ..Oh No..Sex is not the only “one thing she has on her mind.”…ha thus this.

  6. So fun to go through this poem again and again, reframing expectations, to see whether they’re still consistent with your images! A skater, a cougar, a vengeful woman – I’ll offer one more interpretation to add to the ones here – a woman in the mold of La Femme Nikita, an assassin hiding a lethal weapon (bang bang) underneath her trench. More? Eager to see what other people say!

    • Yes, Sam. I saw her that way too, in a slightly more stealthy mode–watching. In my first draft she was packing a smith & wesson under that trench. But upon further thought I altered that as being too explicit. Bang, bang!

      I always appreciate your incisive comments. Thank you!

  7. Amazon redux. What a woman! Wouldn’t want to get in her way! Whatever her mission, Gay, you spelled it out…leaving no doubt. I can hear her heels in the night, fearless, aiming, unrelenting. I feel that “killer chill blown to ice” ….matter of fact this is almost a call to arms for me right now.about something unresolved and angering me..Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I get a film noir or pulp fiction passage here, a woman putting it all on the line for Mr. Wrong, for wrong love, for love no matter what. Women really are the big cats in the night. – B

  9. Loved the pace of this. It brought an old Queen song to mind from the Sheer Heart Attack album – She Makes Me (dedicated to the strormtrooper in in stilettos).

    As for what is on her mind – please tell me it wasn’t me who made her mad.

  10. Empowerment notched up, and as everyone has said, headed straight for the object in mind, whatever it may be. I get revenge, myself, but perhaps closure would be a better word. Love the alliteration, especially the stinging stilettos. Love your header photo, as well.

    • Ha it’s mine taken at the 2003 Dallas Nationals of Sarah Hughes in a layback spin. I loved the ateliers of Montparnasse but I straight up grabbed it off someone’s blog and when I went back to ask for permission they were not to be found nor the blog…sigh.

    • Thanks Eva. Ha (it was his song on my computer playing that made me “dash it off” as it were. It’s an infectious tune much like livin’ la vida loca – maybe there’s a poem there as well. I don’t know. I think the next will be about All That Jazz..well the one after next that is.

  11. Ooch! I’m going to watch out for this one! (Though I have to say I’ve been in that kind of mood all day. Haven’t quite alienated all friends and family yet.) (Ha.) Wonderfully striding poem. K.

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