The Jewel


“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Prov.31.10

For Julie

You will find so few in a lifetime that
When you meet her she shines.
At first you may not see her light
for she does not glitter, but rather glows.
Her calm concern radiating myriad colors;
she inspires trust naturally.
She abides by her heart; follows her beliefs;
dedicates her service to her destiny.
You see the mirth of youth in her bright eyes;
The memory of her smile illuminates a dark night.
She bestows grace in her gestures.
Her manner implies,
“What can I do?”
“How may I help?”
“I’ll be there for you.”

She takes care; she’s generous.
She searches for meaning in small gestures.
She grieves each loss and celebrates every delight.
She marks the journey with a trail of friends.
She counsels patience, temperance, appreciation.
By her light we can find the way.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

24 thoughts on “The Jewel

    • Indeed, she does. And she is blessed to have her 90 year old mother. Good guidance yields good people as can be seen in all generations. And yields a kind of clarity in judgment too, I see in her and her children.

  1. You have captured this Scripture perfectly Gay, this is the best poem I have read today! This poem describes perfectly my friend Pauline but I know there are others I’ve never met it describes also. Indeed they are bright jewels that will shine for eternity. Awesome job!

  2. smiles…what a person you describe…definitely special…wise…a servant…see this is the type poem i would like to read about me one day…smiles….i do hope you shared this with her, right?

  3. What can I say? Thank you, Gay. You are too kind. I cherish our special friendship – and this poem.
    I do have special parents – both 90. I will share this with them.
    I love you, dear friend!

  4. This is a beautiful testimony to friendship, Gay. Measured and warm and unswerving in appreciation. What a poem.

    In some ways, my poem this week is venturing into this territory.. although may see just the surface textures.

  5. Thanks Gay — There seems to be an inverse law of things in this life, where who is paid the most money is worth the least to the tribe (like, pro basketball players and corporate lawyers and pop singers who have long squandered their talent) — while social workers and teachers firemen and simple decent people are passed over, invisible, unworthy. Thanks for turning the telescope around and seeing the greatest in what the world accounts so little. – B

  6. A lovely, tribute to a lovely friend. How fortunate we are when we find a rare jewel in friendship! “By here light we can find the way” So true, when we find that devoted guidance and love in a friend. Lovely work, Gay :))

  7. goodness gay..i like…you know..each time i read proverbs 31(and i have read it often), i feel so small compared to that woman…yet after reading your made her approachable..someone i can touch..ah your heart shines through these good having you around..

      • No, you met Diane. Diane is very special too. Each has her own gifts, and her own goodness. I haven’t talked to Diane in a while. A good bit of sadness in her life lately and some in mine have kept us apart. I saw Julie day before yesterday for a “catching up” lunch. She is such an inspiration.

  8. This is so so nice. Great metaphor…and capturing the real essence of a beautiful personality. I’m gonna sound like a right idiot now- but this made me think of my wife (don’t tell anyone I’m soppy ok?- promise :))

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