Drop In Ocean – © Bill Martin 3.2012 * All Rights Reserved

You fly at me with your words
and we’re dancing in thoughts
swirling in the now of them.
They slide off my slinky dress
or stick somewhere back of
that earlobe where you fix your
gaze when you want to stop time.
Meanwhile, I slurp up your ideas
sharp as crunchy bits in the
cool gazpacho this steamy day.

Why fix us against a corkboard
when our thoughts were meant
to fly with bright butterflies.
Why pin us down like a corsage
wilting on a cotillion breast.
Melodies waft across the
misty psyche of our minds.
We drip the music of the moment,
catch a drop that would change oceans,
tame a mockingbird that could
fell mountains with a wing’s touch.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * March 26 2012 * All Rights Reserved


The night fills me
a dark mirror in an unlit room
flashes streak across me
more garish than clowns at midnight
bizarre becomes grotesque

The duvet drowns me
throwing up waves of growling linen
undulating in a worried bed
crashing around my rocky soul
comfort becomes tempestuous

My memories desert me
thunder and the clicks of rain
fill my solitude with dread
ripples scud across space
thoughts become empty branches

A hand appears to me
it holds me in its bony grasp
with a strength that stifles
I release my fear
substance becomes vapor

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2012 * All Rights Reserved