The night fills me
a dark mirror in an unlit room
flashes streak across me
more garish than clowns at midnight
bizarre becomes grotesque

The duvet drowns me
throwing up waves of growling linen
undulating in a worried bed
crashing around my rocky soul
comfort becomes tempestuous

My memories desert me
thunder and the clicks of rain
fill my solitude with dread
ripples scud across space
thoughts become empty branches

A hand appears to me
it holds me in its bony grasp
with a strength that stifles
I release my fear
substance becomes vapor

Β© Gay Reiser Cannon * 2012 * All Rights Reserved

30 thoughts on “Dissolution

  1. I’ve been here in this bed. There’s something about thunder and lightning at night that makes us feel like we are in a ship crashing around at sea. This resonated with me- spoke of anxiety, worry- my muse! Ha ha. Poetry like this i will always favour- because it reflects pure honesty and the beauty of the human spirit – you got that here- in every single word

  2. dang gay..i stopped breathing…some of the sorrow and fears we manage to “busy away” during the day strike with might as soon as we switch off the light..great capture…thoughts becoming empty branches..oh i know how this feels..

  3. “I release my fear
    substance becomes vapor” what a grand end…

    that picture is really creepy, cool and is a tale of sadness to me…
    your poem brings the depression and feeling of emptiness
    to life that looks to be what’s crawling between those bed sheets. an amazing write!!

  4. Gay, if this is you in a dry spell… I’ve had nights like the one you describe, sometimes more because of the storms within than the storms outside. You’ve captured the tension so well.

  5. ok what did you eat before bed? you may need to lay off it whatever it is…haha…great use of language to make it all dark and sinister…um hoping you get some good sleep tonight you know…smiles.

  6. perfect fear is nothing but an illustration built up from our own minds. that once face evaporates into thin air as if it was never there. good read

  7. How the worlds confound in the dark night of this soul, the spectre all too real, the substantial comforts become crashing water. Only a poem like this is supple enough to navigate a way through what appeared in darker lights to be so bottomless. Words so dark yet lead the way. – Brendan

  8. This is so ancient…atavistic…your bed..the cave…that very human fear of the night, thunder, storms…incipient nightmares…bured unknown anxieties coming to the surface. You capture this so well. brrrrr!

  9. Being one who goes through bouts of insomnia, your words were immediately contextualized. I found the sea imagery in the second stanza to be particularly striking – loved the growling linen.

  10. Ach! now I’m afraid of turning off the light~

    You captured a storm tossed night perfectly…those strangling, looming sheets~!

    Great imagery, Gay…a nightmare without dreams.

    Lady Nyo

  11. love the dark mood in this, Gay. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now it is one of my favorite styles to read (and write.) sometimes letting go of that fear is so very hard. btw, thanks for all the shout outs on twitter. I don’t sign in very often but get the notifications via email.

  12. Yes, you’ve captured fear so well here–ooh–in the middle of the night–and sadness. I was also terribly struck by the “clicks” of rain–such a nice way of putting this. K.

  13. Gay- Amazing… so vivid. I especially like the second stanza and the surprise ending. One of my favorites of yours!!

  14. Well, Gay_ I can say on first spotting your poetry; it is naturally you. I hope I make it back. I came from Joanna Lee’s ‘The Tenth Muse’. I like what she and her compadres are doing in Richmond and beyond. You and your fellow poets are also sharing in the love of writing this way. So good. I read a number of your pieces. I really hope to get back to writing myself and I will follow you _If I may. You are very good at connecting to the reader. I sense that completely. Congrats for that alone. Ulric (Seattle)

    • Thank you Ulric. I’m always grateful for kind words and appreciation of my work. Happy to know you are involved with other poetry groups. We are a worldwide group and it’s important to share and support one another.

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