Poetry In Motion

Michelle Kwan executing Outside Spread Eagle – Dallas 2003

I scratch my tip upon the empty space–
the word, on edge, about to surface real.
It hesitates, at last strikes forth with grace
then breathes, awaits the music, lights, and gel.

With vigor then, my thoughts begin to glide.
My mind creates with images in bursts;
from nothingness, I etch the pattern’s lines;
a piece designed by spins and changing turns.

These lines that flow become a part of me.
The discipline of practicing my craft
where phrasing executes its destiny
and climax turns on unexpected acts.

I finish, sign and sense my soul ignite,
astounded with relief, and true delight.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7/12/2012 * All Rights Reserved

7.17.&18.2012 celebrating 1st Anniversary

dedicated to this 20th anniversary of the figure skating competition The Texas Cannon Open named for and honoring my husband, Don L. Cannon 1929-1991. We were among the first trailblazers who forged this club from nothing. He served over fifteen years as the club’s President and Test Chairman.

71 thoughts on “Poetry In Motion

  1. nice gay….i like the acknowledgement that it is a discipline….much like a sport or anything you have to practice it consistantly to get better at it..it is a beautiful thing too when you can look at the verse and think it complete…at least for now…sometimes too ou jus need that first word or phrase to get traction and get moving…then it can become a beautiful dance…smiles…

  2. From nothingness I etch the pattern’s lines
    A piece designed by spins and changing turns…love this gay…and then, it becomes a part of us.. one we couldn’t stand losing anymore, one that feels like it was always there but somewhere buried under the surface until our pen brought it to light…love it…love the prompt…can’t wait…smiles

  3. Lovely! I like the first couple of lines…the tentative approach of the word that then “at last strokes forst with grace.”
    Beautifully written.

  4. What a good juxtaposition of disciplines: fits like a pair of well-tied skates.
    Sharp and to the point while executing those wonderful arabesques on linguistic ice.

  5. Ice skating- I had no idea you were so involved with it… Such lovely metaphor for poetry. I couldn’t agree more with you!

  6. You, like Claudia, chose a wonderful conceit. The craftsmanship you exhibit is so apparent and the discipline at the heart of artistic endeavor. A real sense of excitement and joy here, beautiful!

      • Well you are, as well, to me and encourage me to work harder, try more, be fresher, write real poetry. Each new one is a challenge. I’m in awe at all you’ve mastered already!

  7. Sometimes I don’t know what will be until I’m finished… I just write without thinking too much.
    A wonderful poem!

  8. The way you’ve crafted this is very much like a skater on ice. The sharp edges, the spins, the twists and turns and the lines they leave behind them. All ending on a high with the climax of knowing that what you’ve written ‘feels’ so good inside, it brings such satisfaction.
    Lovely read.

  9. The words never stop for me…they never have…to have found talent and kindness such as yours to learn and grow from is a gift I could never have imagined receiving. I steal so much inspiration from your work Gay…and know I’m not the only one! This piece, perfect in it’s form, is just one example of why so many of us look to you as mentor! Have a wonderful evening, and thank you…for your words, your help, your support and your light 🙂

  10. Beautifully written, definitely resonates. And how lovely to honor the figure skating competition which, in turn, honors your husband. I love figure skating and it is cool that you compared the two disciplines. In each, one needs not just the execution, but a gift. You have it, kiddo!

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  13. Beautiful sonnet, Gay–the slant rhyming is top notch and the whole rhythm is mesmerizing, and very much like a synchronized skate, gliding, looping, bending–full of grace. Enjoyed it very much.

  14. “With vigor then my thoughts begin to glide
    My mind creates with images in bursts
    From nothingness I etch the pattern’s lines”

    How very true, Gay! I can definitely relate to this. It comes when it comes with full force but sometimes just emptiness. Great write Ma’am!


  15. I love it when I read a poem and find myself saying “Yes, it is just so. Exactly–wow–never thought of it that way, but so true.” So many cool images and the last lines bring delight to the reader as well.

  16. beautiful Gay, I felt myself glide through as you effortlessly guided me through and enjoyed every – turn – thankyou Gay your work is such a joy to read and experience – how wonderful the twenty years of ice dancing comp in your husbands name – hugs and love – Lib

  17. “t hesitates, at last strokes forth with grace
    Then breathes, awaits the music, lights, and gel”

    Like the performance itself, yet improvisation with confidence. I love the glide, BURSTS! the etching from nothingness, spins, turns! And then, you become the process itself–or it becomes you–I love the mobias strip, chicken or the egg, feel of it before the discipline takes over. I love the relief at the end, because the poem and the poetic process is movement and the movement is you. That covers my reaction, I believe.

  18. beautifully writ and tied to the image 😉

    like so many have mentioned, the tying of the discipline of writing / creating to sports, i truly believe that connection

    and those lines so many have already pointed to, but they were my favs too 😉

    “From nothingness I etch the pattern’s lines
    A piece designed by spins and changing turns

    These lines I write become a part of me”

    really well done, thank you gay!

  19. A lovely sonnet that so lightly captures the chi of the poetic moment. I love this image of the skater. It reminds me of Kierkegaard’s parable, where he discusses the need of taking risks to kep the soul whole and healthy. Your poem reminds us that as we write we must risk itball to bring beauty into being, that beauty that is the heart of truth. Lovely words indeed.

  20. I love everything about this poem: the fact that you have chosen to use subtle rhyme and half rhyme; metre, subtly to reinforce the skater’s rhythm, and the sheer joy of writing poetry that shines through.

  21. Nice sonnet to poetry. I liked the feel of it twisting and turning, the rhyme and half-rhyme mixed in gave the sense of a performance where some moves hit, but with variation. I also liked these two lines, “Where phrasing executes its destiny / And climax turns on unexpected acts”

  22. And climax turns on unexpected acts…

    I finish, sign and sense my soul ignite…

    (Would copy the last stanza but hard on my phone…)
    I love the flow and the way you write about your craft. Beautiful poem!!!

  23. This is beautiful and climatic. The graceful stroke and the force I love here. From this piece, I sense that your poetry must be honest, graceful, and heartfelt. 🙂

    I’m new to dVerse Poets and I’m quickly coming across some great prompts. This one was really fun and wonderfully presented. Thank you much!

  24. Great piece there Gay, the way you tied poetry and figure skating together worked seamlessly,

    My favourite lines were:
    “These lines that flow become a part of me
    The discipline of practicing my craft”

  25. So sorry to learn that you are unwell. And what a pity you can’t enjoy your judging to the full. That must be such a wonderful occasion when you are in top form. You also miss out on the wonderful pleasure you gave us all with the prompt. Still, unlike the skaters, we will keep:-)
    Get well soon.

  26. The nature of the craft, the skill employed in creating art..beautifully done. Makes me feel a little guilty that I’m not more disciplined…A thoughtful write…I’ll return!

  27. Love the way you describe your writing process, especially the bit about excitement at finding an unexpected turn in an observation or study while writing it out. Thanks for sharing this.

  28. Gay, thank you for stopping by and for your lovely words. So much talent out here in the ether. This is a wonderful poem! It flows like a great piece of music a crescendo and then the perfect finish of delight 🙂

  29. There definitely are parallels between figure skating and writing poetry. This was a beautiful poem. How wonderful that your husband and you were so involved in the arena of figure skating competition. That must have been a very special time. Thanks for all you do to make dVerse a special place.

  30. A lovely tribute to your husband. Figure skating is more like ballet than sport demanding lots of discipline and artistic expression. I think your poem reflected this.

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