The Tower

“In the mist stands the Tower …blind as a fool’s heart” *
where roping rings of clouds wreathe ’round its base
The questing trail traversing barren plains,
an age I’ve spent since I was charged to start.

But shelter can’t be found. Lightning bolts break
as I approach; low thunder shakes the ground.
Beyond the hills, light splits both air and clouds.
A fatal strike then forks–the tower cracks!

The prize I must retrieve is lost at once.
My mind so set, my thoughts so crystallized
they break apart, the bounty tossed away.

I fail my goal yet feel exuberance–
a sense of freedom materialized
when broken tower yields a shining day.

* Opening Line derived from Robert Browning’s Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
© Gay Reiser Cannon * 10/8/2012 * All Rights Reserved