The Tower

“In the mist stands the Tower …blind as a fool’s heart” *
where roping rings of clouds wreathe ’round its base
The questing trail traversing barren plains,
an age I’ve spent since I was charged to start.

But shelter can’t be found. Lightning bolts break
as I approach; low thunder shakes the ground.
Beyond the hills, light splits both air and clouds.
A fatal strike then forks–the tower cracks!

The prize I must retrieve is lost at once.
My mind so set, my thoughts so crystallized
they break apart, the bounty tossed away.

I fail my goal yet feel exuberance–
a sense of freedom materialized
when broken tower yields a shining day.

* Opening Line derived from Robert Browning’s Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
© Gay Reiser Cannon * 10/8/2012 * All Rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. Beautifully crafted and powerfully rendered, it arrived like a lighting bolt and left me tingling with a sense of the possible. I agree with Claudia, the form gifting it a magical touch, amplifying the message. Affecting and one I will revisit.

  2. This is a strong piece of writing about a storm, Gay. Interesting that even in a failed goal there is exuberance in the shining day that resulted!

  3. A strong sense of passing through the storm alone, through confusion and and danger, of even symbols falling by the way–dreamlike and almost hypnotic with the cadence and form you chose. (Your header photo is just gorgeous, also.)

  4. My favorite lines:

    I fail my goal yet feel exuberance–
    a sense of freedom materialized
    when broken tower yields a shining day.

    Beautiful sonnet Gay ~

  5. You present the power of the storm so well, Gay. I like the release at the end. Sometimes it takes a powerful storm to free us from the restraints we place on ourselves.

  6. You know the storm is always there, or on its way, or sliding away before the next one, and as the clouds break and the stink of lightning fades, we, most of us, realize that much of our personal journey has to be solo, and within that solitude, we will discover our truth.

  7. Gay, The hero’s journey–through tribulation and destruction, only to find that freedom is also the loss of imagined goals…a nice package here, with tight development and resolution. Nice job throughout.

  8. I love the picture and I love thunderstorms. There’s something magical about the lightening and rumbling alongside the rain.

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