Over, mortified, my life torn apart.
My broken glass unicorn;
We face the future forlorn.

An example of Englyn Penfyr © Gay Reiser Cannon – 10/11/2012 * All Rights Reserved

28 thoughts on “Desolate

  1. at least with the unicorn you still got a bit of the magic…smiles..alone is a hard place….glass is pretty cold and fragile as well…nice job on the form gay….this was a fun one…it actually came pretty easy for me…

  2. I see the “Glass Menangerie” here and also the strict form. It is a bit like a haiku in having to capture an entirety in few words of image/emotion. (I haven’t written one yet). Here she/it is still whole, but very fragile.

  3. Thanks everyone. I thought I’d look for a symbol to wrap mine around. Didn’t know if I could sustain a longer poem as many of you did. My congratulations to all of you for such diverse and delightful expressions through this form!

  4. Ouch! A “glass unicorn”, hmm, never seen or heard of one – but I live a sheltered life. 🙂 But unicorns being rare & mythical (like “true love”) and glass being easy to break we have a precarious situation. Thanx to Kim Nelson’s hint: I was able to look up the Glass Menagerie allusion — if that was intentional.
    I thought you’d praise or mock someone famous — yourself?
    Interesting – images, thank you, even if sad. Best to keep stainless steel animals in your menagerie or keep glass in windows. Smile

  5. Didn’t think we were still having to use the form for praise or satire. There are so many variations. I strayed from that usage.

    The Glass Menagerie is a play by Tennessee Williams in which the sister of the protagonist, Laura, is reunited with a school mate now her brother’s friend. He breaks her rare animal in her glass menagerie – the unicorn – reducing its power and taking the magic out of her life. This is a simplistic statement and one should read the play to get the full force of the abandonment, and pain she feels. The glass unicorn itself has become a sort of literary symbol for that particular form of grief.

  6. the unicorn is such a magical creature…and you packed so much emotions in just a few lines..dunno why i missed this gay… enjoying my time here in california..unfortunately i haven’t planned texas in but i’m sure we’ll manage to meet again sometime…smiles

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