In Memory of a Poet

calla liliesWho wrote ideas fresh, succinct, and novel
His poems delved into the why of life
He knew the soul’s widely expansive hurdles
He captured each man’s inner heights and strife.

We will miss his gentle words both wise and helpful
We will miss his presence in our midst
We will grieve with his many friends and loved ones
And yet find comfort that his works persist.

In Memoriam for David King – a fellow poet, a generous soul, a brilliant mind 

© Gay Reiser Cannon – 10/10/2013

28 thoughts on “In Memory of a Poet

  1. fresh idea…yes… and always with a gentle and thoughtful voice… in his poems as well as in his comments…
    ..fixed your link at dVerse…the one you posted led to another poem…

  2. it is good that his works will carry his voice ever forward….filling the gap he has left just a bit….its a hard one…you captured his essence well in this too…smiles….nicely done gay

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Gay. Dave was all of that and more. Not many blogging poets leave so many poems behind in my mind, but several of his are in there for good. (Beautiful calla lilies as well.)

  4. I’ve been thinking as I read through all the tributes that poets are the friends who leave a part of themselves behind and are never totally gone from us. As you said, they persist.

  5. As I’ve said before this post, I have really come to realize what a gift one leaves behind with the written word. I hope his family prints out his poems. Your poem if very reflective of the gentle man he was.

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