The Night He Went Spontaneous

orangexplosionBegins with lidded pumpkin bowls ,”waste of money,”
he thinks as he slurps the first course.

Later sidewalk pumpkins screach,  jackolantern flickers on his stoop
(“stupid landlord”), orange moon rises above orange-doored walkup
across the street. Orange neon light sputtering COME IN.
City black’s his color,
suddenly he turns orange,
                   feels his spirit assimilate
                                    then combust.

©Gay Reiser Cannon * 11.1.13 * All Rights Reserved

Posted for Claudia’s Poetics @dVersePoets Pub and for G-Man’s 55 Flash

24 thoughts on “The Night He Went Spontaneous

  1. smiles…hopefully his spirit combusts in a good way…smiles….i like you play with color gay, the orange on the city’s black….the orange and black of the season….we had a beautiful orange sunrise the other day…

  2. GAY!!!!!!
    It’s always a thrill to see your smiling face…:-)
    Loved your Smokin’ Hot 55
    Your posts are always so creative and cdool
    Thanks for playing, thanks for stopping by, and please
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. ha – there’s lots of energy in this… well played on the colors as well… orange and black is a powerful and also a bit scary combo for me… lots of pent up energy..

  4. Every booger deserves his boogieman, though we pray some day he’ll get around to apologizing to the rest of us. A hoot –

  5. No sweat, Gay, you still ride the poetic crest of the day, for your terrific 55 encompasses the essence of both prompts, revels in its own dark brevity, and please all who take the short but spirited ride/read.

  6. Orange brings to mind a multitude of bright subjects to write about and is an underappreciated color in many respects…I like how you exalt it and make it the star it is!

  7. Hmmm, could be me moaning about twee crockery and repetitive festivities 🙂
    Wanted to lick that picture to see if it tasted of butterscotch and Crème_brûlée‎ 🙂

  8. Don’t talk against the almighty pumpkin on Halloween night! (and lids are a great idea – keeps sneaky hands out of the bowl, not to mention the dog that loves chocolate!)

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