Origami-craneI remember when the origami crane named Poetry
flew into my disordered life
I was lying on my second-floor bed staring out the
window into the trees.
As the breeze whispered its secrets to me,
Poetry landed on my pillow
compelling me to unfold and discover;
the first fold opened with a tick, tock, metronomic clock
and I smiled thinking it a robot;
I unfolded its wing and heard the sweetest melody
agreeing, at first, with the clocklike beat,
then becoming looser, freer, stirring my imagination.
I rolled it out flat after that, running my fingers along
the creases, trying to guess what lay between the lines.
A swelling of emotion arose in me, a curiosity as well.
I began to love this little unfolded page, I wanted to make it fly again.
I tried to refold it, to re-invent the flying crane.
I’ve been trying to get it right ever since then.
Once in a while, I get it to fly again – when I think very hard,
imagine very deep, and try with all my heart.

© Gay Reiser Cannon – 3.4.2014

24 thoughts on “Unfolding

  1. smiles…i get it to work every once in a while myself…its always about discovering new things…there is always another crease…another rhythm to follow….a tick….a tock…a crane to make…i like your portrayal of poetry as origami…that is cool….

  2. poetry as origami, that is very creative and really loved the write… when one poem is done, it’s like a crane that’s unfolded… and starting a new write is making it fly all over again

  3. What a pleasant way to be opened up to the poetry world…..I would expect you to see art in everything, the shape, color, size..as you leave us gifts of your poetry

  4. Very well said, Gay. I love the concept of folding and unfolding. I can relate, but I think in my case I’m dealing with a paper airplane, not an ori… ora… uh… one a those things. 🙂

  5. Gay, I think you just folded a perfect paper crane with this piece. Simply beautiful!! I like the imagery of how poetry can be “unfolded” to reveal so many different things…sometimes metrenomic precision, sometimes melody, and sometimes much “looser” emotion.

  6. That is such a sweet way of describing your connection with poetry.
    The original gushing of words slowing down toa trickle only to be reinstated from time to time.

  7. “Poetry landed on my pillow”…..I really like this line. Sometimes we find poetry and sometimes it finds us, like a gift that only some can appreciate. In this piece, you have used your little origami paper and made it fly! 🙂

  8. this pice is magical. I love the idea of unfolding the crane (poetry) and discovering it wing by wing. and them trying to recreate it so it can soar again. I can make a flapping crane…taught myself by unfolding one…they come out lovely every time…I taught myself poetry…still working on getting it take flight.

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