Out of the Fog


A fog rolled in today; I thought of you
now lost in fog.  When everything fell out,
broke down, or died, you were there.
You said you’d never go, and I believed.
You did stay true, but once again the fog
rolled in and stole your life before it cleared.

Bright heat and clarity exposed new paths.
Through deserts bleak and broken woods, I trod.
I stopped to work, to help, then fled again.
This time the sea’s diving gulls called out
to me beseeching me to delve the fogs that swirl
within, as well as out.  I summoned strength
and shipped my disbelief on autumn’s tide.

I know that strangers linger in the mist,
that purpose changes as the seasons do,
that softness hardens through the longer light,
that ice breaks ships as well as wounded hearts.

I stand, a lonely palm upon the beach.
I will provide relief to those in need.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved * 3.27.14

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39 thoughts on “Out of the Fog

  1. Gay,, this is a marvelous piece.. the rhythm is smooth as butter.. and te fehe imagery of the fog. The first part ending in a death.. and how fog comes and goes.. really describe a life’s story.. I had to read it aloud… again and again.. I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. the heart in the end is cool…that indiscriminant help to strangers…because it is your nature….
    the fog in relation to people…drifitng in and out of our lives….purpose changing as seasons do…
    great line…and nice rhythm to the piece gay…like that fog…

  3. Your rhythms do hover, linger, wander, waft on little cat’s feet; terrific analogies, with several strong thrusts to our emotions; like the line /that ice breaks wood as well as hearts/ reinforcing the impermanence of life, and that one’s kindness extended to whomever reaches out for it validates things, centers things; a great rocking of the prompt, Gay.

  4. This is a beautiful write, Gay. It sort of reminds me of the style of Robert Frost. Soft, gentle, meaningful. Really a piece to be read again and again. So many beautiful lines. So true that there are strangers that linger in the mist….in all of our lives!

  5. Well I am always awed with your work Gay ~ I like the story and cadence like the fog rolling in & out ~ So many changes in our life, like the seasons ~ Hope you are well ~

    • My posts keep disappearing. Thank you Grace for your kind words. Yes I am quite well. I took a fall but it was a little tumble and only resulted in a few bruises and soreness and I am grateful as it could have been much, much worse. Thanks for asking.

  6. Not a single stumble in the rhythm – and that in itself is impressive. But add the depth of thought, expression and intention that this prayer/poem contains and your achievement is breathtaking, Gay.

  7. “a place to delve the fogs / that swirl within, as well as out.” I wouldn’t mind heeding such a call.

    this was lovely. it flowed beautifully. the is definitely something mystical about fog.

  8. this has a wonderful rhythm gay… and love the image of the palm there in the end that stands with a clear purpose… love how the emotions shine through here gay

  9. An amazing flow to the poem, such a beautiful piece! Writing about the fog is so in tune with expressing powerful emotions like these…I loved it to the core! 🙂

  10. ….nice flow here..life’s seasons are so like fog when they change, as doors close and open, as loves fade and grow as people pass and others appear, let alone how love goes on and on in spite of it all..a melancholy yet hopeful poem

  11. Wow.. so full of heart. The rhythm I enjoyed and the feeling of being at sea, where there are pebbles and surrounded by fog. Just a vivid set of images here.

  12. There is a serene beauty here even in tragedy.

    I know that strangers linger in the mist,
    that purpose changes as the seasons do,
    that softness strengthens through the longer light,
    that ice breaks wood as well as tender hearts.

    This will linger. Thank you.


  13. There is beauty with this longing sadness that resonates with me. The pace is effortlessly perfect. This poem is a jewel left behind by the fog. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Your poem had me sad with grief…then smilingly happy. Loved these lines:
    “…the sea in rolling roars
    called out to me, a place to delve the fogs
    that swirl within, as well as out.”

    And OH! The truth spoken/written in THIS:
    “…that ice breaks wood as well as tender hearts.”
    Sometimes I’ve make myself as icy cold, when soft, warm and smooth would’ve been such the simpler way!

    In the end, why are we? Why? Boiled down it seems the answer is to help others “see” and live happiness, joy and freedom…

    (Never saw a “lonely” palm, almost always they live in groups in Naples, and the islands to the south–they like company?)

    PEACE and LIGHT, Gay.

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