Love Song to Dancing with the (Ice) Stars


Charlie White and Meryl Davis – Sonja Henie – Me at Dallas Nationals

At nine, the score to Skater’s Waltz appealed
to me with Sonja’s photo gracing it.
I could not guess I would insinuate
myself into that complex and crazy world,
that I would bear a child obsessed to skate.
That this ice discipline would join with dance
as well, would have both shocked and puzzled me.

But now, ice judge for thirty years, I’m hooked!
Therefore, I was delighted when our U.S.
dance team in Sochi earned Olympic Golds;
and then became contestants on that well
watched television dancing show because
their young dance choreographer enticed
that dazzling couple to the ballroom floor.

Already, fans of both The Voice and Danc-
ing with the Stars, my friend and I must choose
each Monday night which show to watch and which
record – the agonizing wait to find
which singers will survive and learn the scores
for Meryl Davis and for Charlie White.
It’s fun to see that creativity!

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.17.14

a response to a self-portrait (of sorts) and to the pop culture prompt of the day for NaPoWriMo at Writer’s Digest


22 thoughts on “Love Song to Dancing with the (Ice) Stars

  1. smiles. i was into the voice two seasons ago. i have not watched a single episode this year…i can def see the appeal of dancing for you too…the tie to ice skating…but also the grace that it takes with each…so you have been a judge for 30 years? did not know that…i dont think…

  2. Thanks Brian – Voice really good this year, they’ve changed the format a bit and made it tougher with a lot of talented young people. And on Dancing, a girl with no legs! (Paralympic Champ) AND SHE MIGHT WIN. Drew Carey, usual hunks and Dania from the Wonder Years (who is surprisingly good) and the ice’s not a sure thing for anyone. It’s kind of a fun show again.

  3. What a lovely thing to know, say and understand. I think that’s especially true for free skaters who lift straight up and fly through the air doing up to 4 rotations and adults arcing across 6 to 8 feet over the ice. Sometimes they say it feels as though they’re never coming down. It is great to just fly on that slim little edge going backwards.

  4. very cool on meeting all those people and in a way you surely dance with them – even if you’re sitting on a judging table… way cool gay…dance on…dance on… smiles

  5. A self-portrait in way of giving a glimpse into what you enjoy… after all, our interests define us to a great extent… I found it really interesting. And an enjoyable read as well. 🙂

  6. I am actually a fan of their fierce competitors, the Canadian team of Tessa and Scott smiles ~ I have seen their skating performance and its magical to see them glide so effortlessly ~

    • I love them too. Their Olympic program was to me equally flawless (though probably not as fast but then their music choice was not as fast either). I loved those excerpts by Glinka. How appropriate to skate in Sochi.

  7. When watching skating on TV, whether ice dance, distance skating or ice hockey (and of course being Swedish I tend to catch a little bit of everything during the winter olympics) I am always amazed that people can do those things at all, let alone with skates on their feet! Interesting piece, and a glimpse into your life with is fascinating.

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  9. My wife is a fan of figure skating, so I’ve learned to appreciate. As a kid I discovered that ice skating requires strong ankles & delicate balance; didn’t have either it seems, just bruises on my butt. These prompts about self do reveal much about each of us; so nice to learn a bit more about you.

  10. I was quite addicted to Project Runway for a while, though I never thought I had an interest in fashion design, I was always fascinated by what they created. I think it’s interesting way to live vicariously through others for a bit. (Love your take on both prompts!)

  11. I too admired their performance at the Olympics (although I too have to admit I slightly preferred the Canadian couple) – and it convinced my children to give skating another go this winter. I had no idea that they are now appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Lucky you, being a judge, you must have seen so many wonderful performances (and quite a few spills).

  12. How interesting, Gay …always I had wanted to be an ice dancer and still look forward to it more than any other event in the Olympics. is so beautiful to watch, and yes, painful, too. Kudos to you for showing such love and dedication to the skaters.

    • Thanks Katy. Yes it’s a family community. Perfect for shy’s definitely a way to find your “home” no matter where you My son quotes HOTEL CALIFORNIA .. “you can check out any time you choose, but you can never leave”.

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