Tell It To The Shadows



Tell it to the shadows
as they dance and wave,
stick-men on the windows
rumbas swaying on the panes.

In silhouettes of flowers,
pointing out the routes of bees
and other insects who motor
trails between the trees.

Listen to the shadows
who whisper songs of play.
Actors in the sun’s tableaux
in colors dark as clay.

Live among the shadows;
watch as light gives way
to purples as they undergo
a contrast in the underlay .

Lie within the shadows
as the moon sends highways
to the night, while star glow
calls us all to float away..

© Gay Reiser Cannon *4.24.14* All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Tell It To The Shadows

  1. I like the shadows…they tend to hold secrets well. interesting how you broke from “shadows” in the second stanza…unrelated, it was my favorite stanza.

    I like the visual of the first stanza…oh and the line “whispering songs of play.”

    • Thank you. It was a quick write..not much of an edit. I noticed it was one of those not like the others, but you I liked it and left it. Ha. It was a vague metaphor for life stages I thought.

  2. oh this is beautiful… i adore the shadows. my gardener’s heart went right to the second stanza.

    thanks so much for your comments over at my place… and… you ARE a poet, painting lovely pictures with your words.

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