Commencement’s Not An Ending

mortarboardVUYour years at school are coming to a close.
So difficult to leave and say goodbye.
In your young life, this time was as you chose.
By concentrating on this stage of life
you studied courses you should know about.
You found the friends who satisfied your needs,
you conquered insecurities and doubt.
You met those challenges with skill and ease.
Your path ahead is waiting in the mist;
more choices there will limit what you’ll do.
For now, depend upon experience,
and those you love and trust who love you too.

Accept your future glows like oyster’s pearl.
You’re meant to be a leader in this world!

Posted for Tony Maude’s prompt on Sonnets
this is for my granddaughter’s college graduation.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 5.1.14