Commencement’s Not An Ending

mortarboardVUYour years at school are coming to a close.
So difficult to leave and say goodbye.
In your young life, this time was as you chose.
By concentrating on this stage of life
you studied courses you should know about.
You found the friends who satisfied your needs,
you conquered insecurities and doubt.
You met those challenges with skill and ease.
Your path ahead is waiting in the mist;
more choices there will limit what you’ll do.
For now, depend upon experience,
and those you love and trust who love you too.

Accept your future glows like oyster’s pearl.
You’re meant to be a leader in this world!

Posted for Tony Maude’s prompt on Sonnets
this is for my granddaughter’s college graduation.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 5.1.14

26 thoughts on “Commencement’s Not An Ending

  1. ah very cool…what a gift…and what a time of life…about to make that leap out into the working world…i hope her transition goes well and she finds that place to be the leader you know she can be….smiles.

    • Just off the press. You saw it first. I’ll print and put with her gift. I leave for Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday morning. She’s too busy to check here and I’m not putting it on social media. Thanks Bjorn. Will be by soon to read yours. This was an interesting sonnet to write!

  2. What a wonderful gift for your granddaughter’s graduation! My son starts school next year and I am already trying to brace myself for graduation:)

  3. oh i’m wishing her all the best… exciting times for sure… my youngest one finished school last year and suddenly the world seems so big and the possibilities so many… it’s good to see how they find their place in life

    • Yes exciting – and a little sad to see them all growing up. Their time at home seems shorter and shorter. They’re all growing up. I’m still running as fast as I can to stay in place!

  4. Wow! Perfect meter and rhyme – and for some people pearl/world is a full-rhyme, for others it’s half-rhyme.

    And what a gift to celebrate your grand-daughter’s graduation. Congratulations to you both … smiles

  5. Perfect sonnet…wonderful subject…my grand daughter still has a few years to go, but it will be a grand day. Have a wonderful trip and I’m sure she will treasure that poem forever.

  6. this is a lovely piece. the world can seem daunting when the time finally comes to step out into it on your own two feet…the last two lines hold just the perfect little push to keep moving forward.

  7. This poem is a beautiful gift for your grand-daughter! I like the title too! I find it interesting that the graduation ceremony is called “commencement” which literally means, “beginning”

  8. Great sonnet Gay! Beautifully done! Such a wonderful testament for Commencement to the young lady.She will certainly treasure it. Not many can get a touching tribute from Granny. Have a nice trip!


  9. Lovely stuff Gay and congrats to your granddaughter as she steps out into the big wide world.
    Anna :o]

  10. I hope your granddaughter appreciates it as much, if not more, than we all do! Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

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