Ode To My Fellow Poets


your poems are leaking your life
and heart’s blood through cyberspace

oozing binary strings, stops and starts
of emotions, images, and history

before the half-life decay,
I am receiving you across the space/time continuum

your thoughts flow in code, they pump my heart
drip through me with arterial insight–

inspire me with sensual repetitions
your driving life-source pours into mine

your algae spreads, your grass grows,
your flowers dance to transform time

their pistils and stamens glowing
through your words, into my atmosphere

your rant of injustice roars
through jungle bits&bytes to my mind

your desire for fairness justly frames
as the pen of truth triumphs over deceit

I leave a church following the bread-crumbed path
you left in rhyme that leads to the good that connects us

your sensuous data proves though we are mini-
microbes in the universe, we are vast galaxies on the inside

your imagination rises moonlight huge, a monolith as
its power transforms, translates, transfers your essence

across time and space to me providing capsules
of intuitive understanding linking us

your inspiration reorders the centers of my thinking
your delivery births my inventions

your music rings the spheres like bells
that will peel down from age to age

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 07/08/14 * All Rights Reserved
A rewrite of a previous poem. Hopefully this is clearer and better achieved.


28 thoughts on “Ode To My Fellow Poets

  1. this is lovely. I know quite well the zeros and ones. I particularly related to the lines “your sensuous data proves though we are mini-
    microbes in the universe, we are vast galaxies on the inside.” I like to think of this as being a Who in a tiny speck of dust attached to a clover.

    I really enjoyed this piece.

    • Exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for comment — much appreciated..which came first I wonder, “Horton Hears A Who” or Dr. Who (bigger on the inside) … both informed this piece. Thanks again.

  2. there’s a melody running through this gay…as you honor your fellow poets, your own tune rings clear and light… thanks for all you do in the pub and for the wonderful poet you are

  3. its pretty amazing how this vehicle allows our words to echo out across the boundaries…to touch those that read…and inspire yet another ripple…and another ripple….creating a music of word and verse….echoing on….

    happy anniversary gay….i am glad you are on this ride with us…hard to believe we’ve known each other for over 4 years now…

  4. It is remarkable how we reach out through codes and signals and meet each other, get to know each other through our words. That is a wonderful write.. the metaphors make it all the better. Really enjoyed reading… 🙂

  5. From physics to computer science to biology to music! Quite a journey in the space of a poem. A lovely way to celebrate how we connect online, scattered all across the world, and watch something precious grow…

  6. Thank you all! I will be by your place later when I can access the links. If anyone knows what I should download to read Mr. Linky, that info would be appreciated. As I said here, your poems are like gifts of yourself you are giving to me.

  7. Beautiful and you yourself are our teacher and inspiration too ~ I admire the use of nature and that: driving life-source pours into mine – I so agree with this ~

    Thank you for your encouraging words in my early days of writing ~

  8. truly be an Ode, a tribute to each of us, from each of us to each other, reciprocity run amok, tossing sweet baptismal pails of blessed water, melting our candle wax together to create a Candle Tower that reaches the lathe of heaven, pierces its cumulus underbelly,
    latches, connects, reconnects our helix spirals together, creating a poetic carpet we can all ride at cyber speeds, all silver surfers, all wordsmiths on rockets of emotion; so nice to be jawing with you again; thanks.

  9. Loving the visual of these lines:

    “I leave a church following the bread-crumbed path
    you left in rhyme that leads to the good that connects us”

    That is exactly how I feel when I roam the path from one poet’s space to the next at dVerse. Thank you for giving it words.

    Happy Anniversary Gay!

  10. I very much like the “vast galaxies on the inside” and “intuitive understanding linking us”….you’ve encompassed what it is to be a poet and embraced all of us in the name of poetry. Thanks, Gay.

    • Sorry Kathy. I haven’t been on my computer, (just my ipad) and I had to grab these from comments. Some times they go there and don’t show up until I click “approve”..no idea why. Thank you for continuing to try. The other comment didn’t show up though 😦

  11. “the good that connects us” – Isn’t that what it’s all about?
    “the pen of truth triumphs over deceit”

    Life, open, honest, brave. I really enjoyed this.

  12. Beautiful focus on how we feed each other with our poetry. This line touched me most: I leave a church following the bread-crumbed path
    you left in rhyme that leads to the good that connects us

  13. Another wonderful poem, Gay! I think my favourite stanza is “your sensuous data proves though we are mini-microbes in the universe, we are vast galaxies on the inside.” A very grand way to look at your fellow poets!

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