Countess of Strength

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument in Venice

for Sophia Michelle

Beside her phantom lion she surveys
her vast domain; its lurking dangers stilled.
She summons her abilities and waits.
A Countess whose reserves of strength and will
have earned respect from all whom she has met.
Her carriage and her mien disclose her aim
to care, protect and act, without regret,
against those foes who would attack her claim.
Her family prepared her for great tasks.
They nurtured confidence through each success.
She flourished as she grew; she never lacks
the grace to share her strength through skilled finesse.
A paragon of womanhood, she stands
a citadel of courage, heart and hands.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7.14.2014 * All Rights Reserved

30 thoughts on “Countess of Strength

  1. I would mind such a majestic creature like that by my side…though I was not prepared for such greatness…I’d wager the beast comes with the job…

    a really lovely verse. it flows quite smoothly.

  2. Well..Growing up in all matriarchal family..seriously scores of women..and no men..

    I learned early that women are the strong ones..

    And men..well..

    they just have to learn to be strong..

    that is LOVE is the TRUE CORE OF STRENGTH!



    Smiles and hope you enjoy your dVerse adventure today!

  3. A beautiful image to portray the strength of womanhood. I can’t but think of how men and women together create such a force–the one more physical, the other…well, you know. Lovely flow to this as well, Gay. Whenever I read you I realize I’m overdue to write to a form.

    • Yes. I am applying form to things these days again. Upon reviewing my work, I think things are more compact and better said that way…usually. So this is a Shakespearean sonnet for today. Thank you Victoria for hosting today and for always being so generous in your comments of my work.

  4. Lovely sonnet, Gay. There really is a beautiful flow to this poem. And you have given this statue such strength with your well-chosen strong words!

  5. What a lovely sonnet Gay ~ I like how you have described her here:

    A paragon of womanhood she stands;
    a citadel of courage, heart and hands.

  6. Gay, your sonnet LIFTS me it is so full of strength! And where you mentioned how form makes what you say better – I’m with you there!

    Also, I sensed a cosmic balancing in the poetic universe when I read you and KB, one after the other. Each of you wrote a piece honoring women from two very different, yet complementary perspectives. Something I love about about dVerse is how it is an omni-verse big enough to cradle and present the inspiration each of us discovers, articulates and honors through our individual verse.

  7. Some things are cast in bronze; others in meter; still others, as this sonnet, somehow in both. Strong stuff, so much so I hear a mama bear sharing the tooth.

  8. I love the dignity and respect you build with words.The poem could be read as photo: close, and then I pay attention to each word more; at distance – when you feel the advantage of the sonnet form and appreciate the words’ wisdom and accuracy. The poem-stela!

  9. A wonderful sonnet. I read it through with the rhythm and rhyme in mind, and then read it again, pushing past the rhythm and rhyme and just enjoying the story. Both ways, this was excellent.

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