Fabulous Firenze Festeggiamento



Across the Ponte Vecchio, behind the Pitti Palace,
we are meeting tonight in the Boboli Garden.
We enter the Grand Theater to the strains of
Vissi d’Arte from Tosca. Lights twinkle on the terraces,
The tables are laid, and the poets are gathered.

We greet each other with glasses of Prosecco.
We’ve arrived from around the world this anniversary.
We are feasting on ghazals and waltzing triolets;
the rose-scented air releases quaterns and nocturnes.
Some set villanelles to sail on the pond,
there are calls and responses in elegant haiku,
and at once we are singing sonnets while the
free verse flows from fountains on the lawn.

The aria changes to Muzetta’s Waltz, as we find new partners to
stroll the topiary mazes. We are celebrating poetry
as the summer moon sends its glade to light our
evening of song and dance munching on meter and rhyme,
picking at salads of rhyming couplets.

Scattering punctuation marks
that once held up our hair, we gambol on the grass
making art out of stars and napkins
crafting soft sonatas from friendship.
Toasting the excellence that is ART here
in these sculptured gardens surrounded
by the Duomo, the Davids, Venus Rising, La Primavera and
we find the shades of Botticelli, Michaelangelo, Giotto
DaVinci, Verocchio and Donatello joining with us when
the score of E Lucevan Le Stella lifts us toward the sky.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7.17.14 * All Rights Reserved

36 thoughts on “Fabulous Firenze Festeggiamento

  1. scattering the punctuation that once upheld our hair…smiles…fun….i was strolling right along with you gay…i must be in the fountain…ha…thanks for providing the music…might have to load that play list to play in the background while i read tonight….

    happy anniversary my friend…

  2. A fantastic stroll, & very elegant rendering of our celebratory rights; either you have been there, all over Italy & Europe, & you are just sharing your wisdom & expertise, or you as good a researcher as I am–either way the piece is way impressive, & feels accurate, clever. & humorous to the max. thanks for the sharing.

    • Not all over Europe sweetiepie; but I have been to Rome and Firenze, to Paris and to all of the UK. The rest of Europe awaits – and I dream of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria…Mozart all day everyday with Crullers. Shall we go? Switzerland also..we’ll stop along the Rhine and have a picnic with Claudia. She’s a short bike ride away.

  3. impeccable imagery… especially the 3rd stanza – I felt like I was there…Happy anniversary, Gay! I’ve known you for how many years now? I remember when we were trying the waters of tumblr. I must say blogspot and wordpress are so much better for poetry..

  4. This is so beautifully sweet. I love the air of companionship and joining in this. It made me picture our faces there…really walking and sharing together. Love…

  5. stunning. I quite enjoyed the second stanza and the array of way form is being enjoyed.

    I raise my class to ART & the poetry drifting through all the surroundings. “Cheers!”

      • hahaha – we’re all a little tipsy over here. Pour us another glass – we’re toasting Claudia and Brian and all their dedication through the years. Claudia has been carrying her ipad around the world and she still won’t tell me how she’s able to access Blenza with it! Happy Anniversary – and many thanks for the comments. You were first on the Countess of Strength. Thank you.

      • smiles… my ipad is now in my girl’s hands and i carry my macbook around with me – i could not only access blenza properly with the ipad but had difficulties on many blogs as well…so.. smiles

  6. i love how poetry is the party inself in this poem gay… how the verse and rhymes fall into rhythm for that one perfect dance called poetry… happy celebrating gay!

  7. This is beautiful, Gay. You have set the whole scene perfectly….allowing us to see all the art in the garden. Celebrating poetry with all of you in the garden will be a most wonderful experience, one which will be remembered for a lifetime.

  8. You know..it’s interesting..there is the dream of a time gone past of TRUE RENAISSANCE..THAT I do think can be virtually created by mind of open ones..

    And even though this is just a virtual ball..

    Sometimes the Greek Gods do seem to be smiling..

    When open minds do play..with each other..

    and never frown…

    But anyway..smiles..and have a great rest of the Ball of LIFE!..:)!

  9. Hello Dear Gay! What a Rich, Rich, Rich poem! How wonderful you got in so much and how wonderful I actually recognized so much too. LOL!

    How are you, dear friend? I’m fine, but broke my hip 3 weeks ago, but I’m recovering. Bed rest and time to READ….so I thought I would come here and look you up. And I am so glad I did.

    Love, Jane

    • Dear Jane I’ve had you on my mind. So sorry to hear about your hip. We have to stay upright, my dear. I took a tumble at show skate but the angels must have carried me as I fell a long distance and sustained no injury (well padded some would say – ha!). I am quite well. Thank you for this. The pub has been closed for three weeks and this is a virtual party in Florence. I have the advantage of having actually been there. I think of you with such kindness and love. Keep writing while you’re propped up in bed….and heal soon!

  10. So easy to taste your familiarity with and love of this place. I’ve never been there…except in reading novels and poetry–and now through your mingling of the place and poetic tools. Lovely.

  11. I love the crafting of soft sonatas with napkins…and the villanelles on the pond, fountains of verses and your familiarity with Italy really lifts the celebration to another level..it feels more real, and the punctuation is certainly important!!

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