The Hierophant (Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama)

Dalai Lama © Huffington Post

Dalai Lama © Huffington Post

Each act reveals life’s joy and peace.
His lotus smile can open hearts.
He walks among earth’s souls on streets
hard paved with strife, abuse, and loss.

His destiny displaced by greed;
his acts reveal life’s joy and peace.
He understands despair and grief;
his reassurance grants release.

Through dialogue and expertise
with metaphors, in saffron robes,
his acts reveal life’s joy and peace.
By simple words his truth unfolds:

With love, compassion, caring try
to find life’s commonalities.
By making friends and being kind,
each act reveals life’s joy and peace.

(paraphrase of the Dalai Lama’s words)
© Gay Reiser Cannon * 8.14.14 * All Rights Reserved


31 thoughts on “The Hierophant (Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama)

  1. The pattern of such a man is certainly inspiring.. that’s almost opposite to the pattern I wrote about what a positive and nice contrast… love the tightness and rhythm here as well … like the footsteps of the man really.

  2. What a perfect choice for the Hierophant, Gay. Truly and amazing person/spirit. I visited an exhibit once while visiting Chicago of the works of Thomas Merton and the person of the Dali Lama. They had a lucite display case that held an old pair of his shoes. I reached out toward them (without touching the display case, of course) and got a shock–an incredible experience.

  3. I hope the echo of peace that ran through out this will run amok….we need that….and there is definite wisdom in this…finding our commonalities….realizing we are not that much different….it can draw us together…..

  4. Yes..the Dalai Lama is a great man for peace..but the never the less still a man..
    he does have a tough side..
    not often
    presented on camera..
    Nothing new..the patterns of humans
    never truly ‘scape
    mother nature..:)

  5. excellent, content and form. Such a contrast to what I just read of Bjorn’s; his calling out humanities repetitive violence and hate, yours showing one human’s quest for the opposite…

  6. Forming a life’s pattern around love, peace, and compassion isn’t always easy. But what other options do we even have, if we want to survive? Well-written–I love the sublte end rhymes. Nice!

    • I wrote Joy instead of Gay, because I was thinking of joy. That is so funny.

      I have seen him a few times–never close–but there is such a wonderful feeling among all the people coming to see him, and especially among the Tibetans in exile. Thanks. k.

      • Hey – I respond to all happy names – Merry, Joy, etc. I loved your comment. I think he exudes goodness on TV even. I can imagine how special it would be to see him in person. I love his message and thought it was perfect for a Quatern. I love the way the refrain falls through the four verses – reinforcing the message.

  7. The Dalai Lama is a very inspiring figure. His compassion and the way he leads his life are examples for all, no need to be a Buddhist to act kindly – as he himself often reminds people.

  8. Compassion with no difference between people – his strength I assume. Like the pattern ‘his acts reveal life’s joy and peace’ every time underlining his peaceful approach to life and people, and make this character moving really from your poem to our hearts! Nice, thank you :)x

  9. He is compassion personified. I was blessed with being able to see him in person in Washington, DC…he glows with joy and sincerely wanting the best for all beings. Really enjoyed this, Gay.

  10. So inspiring of one whose purpose in life is to extend peace and brotherhood. It’s a tragedy he is deprived from doing so for his people! Great write Gay!


  11. well penned. I like the movement of the first line throughout (changing ever so slightly for the 2nd & 3rd stanzas). it’s amazing how profound simple words can be.

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