Unfolding Judgment


With disdain, with honor, for fairness: our judgments–
from the past for the future we set these precedents:
good-bad, better-worse, wrong-right decisions,
wanting to please, choosing choice ingredients.

Placing values on lives with precision
thinking only of order or scission,
not understanding that through those patterns,
our sorting leads us to firm conclusions.

Framed by family mores and concerns;
by fears real, imagined, sensed or learned,
we form blocks, create deep prejudices
and day by year we act on thoughts discerned.

Order results from honorable evaluation;
Chaos can rise from strong imbalances.
Each action initiates vast repercussions,
Ultimately justice is our perceived perception.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 8.28.14 * All Rights Reserved

Posted for d’Verse Poets Pub – posted for Rubaiyats

19 thoughts on “Unfolding Judgment

  1. yes – judging can take us to the worst dead end streets – we really should try to look at things and people with fresh new eyes day by day to not clog our veins of life…

  2. Gay, I so much looked forward to your entry, and I’m happy I could read it before going to bed.I like the form (of course .. you know how to do that) but most of all i like the progression from stanza, actually describing the delicate balance in which a personality and character develops.. a great thought, and the balance is a great image to use.. as it also tells us how easily something might go wrong.

  3. we def have to make wise choices…because our decisions dictate where we get in life…
    we do have to be careful asigning value…because that will get us out of whack pretty fast….
    nice job on the form ma’am

  4. I don’t think we can help but make judgments, as it is part of being human. And, as you pointed out, so many factors influence them. But hopefully our judgments are based on good information and wisdom & result in order rather than chaos! Thought-provoking, Gay.

  5. you chose some rather challenging end words, and yet you managed to pull this off beautifully! And the message of your poem is a powerful one. Well done on both the form and the content!

  6. Each action has affecting repercussions,
    We must judge with clear, well-thought perceptions.

    Great thoughts on judgement! One must always be wary and mindful of the repercussions. Wonderful write Gay!


  7. I definitely agree that chaos can arise out of imbalance…sometimes it can be tricky to find that balance but so worthwhile. So enjoyed your offering, Gay…thanks.

  8. Judgement of people, events, & things just arise out of our humanity; even though often our minds can change, & our judgements reboot with more data; a perfect use of the form, Gay, with four balanced sparkling quatrains.

  9. wow…there is definitely a lot that goes into shaping our thoughts and decisions…sometimes we don’t really realize how much. I felt compelled to read this twice…to allow it to sink in…a stunning write.

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