in the belief
that music shapes the world
I celebrate your day in song
November’s melody of red and gold
beats first in whispers of the wheat
then crackling leaves mark time
their rhythm builds
the cardinals
mix chirps of joy with crows,
their chorus wakes the dawning day
tree trunks then shuffle, creak in counterpoint
as streaming sunbeams dance between
their shadowed golden leaves;
the latest air
composed by rippling brooks
as rocks and water harmonize
I see your gold flecked eyes express delight
I take your hand, we walk in step
through amber afternoons
we two still bound

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 12.1.2014 * All Rights Reserved
example of Original Form – Falling Diamonds – Quarrel
(c) Gay Reiser Cannon

12 thoughts on “CONCORD

  1. What I love about this is that its so earthly paradisal, is what it is, which is all we ever need as long as we can keep saying Yes … to the live, the love, the other, the singing.

  2. Well as you likely know i love shaping poetry as it does flow….

    and your tale here of words most definitely sings…

    a melodic flow.. in words and shapes..

    of Music signage.. just letting it..



  3. It’s a compliment to me that you think this is fluid and free. That is deceiving. It is actually written in iambic feet beginning with one foot extending to five and then reducing back to one, then the one foot lines must rhyme. This is carried out for three “diamond” shapes with the one foot lines linking.

    The form can also be left and/or right aligned in which case the stanza is self-contained and the rhyme does not have to be carried over to the subsequent sets, but there is a beginning and ending one foot line which does rhyme. See this:

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