Dark Wings


Starless, endless night.
Dreams of thickets filled with crows;
morning shines black jewels.

Paisley etched headaches
scarred by tree dreamed slashes;
shadow shards define day.

New percussive beats,
metal clanks between heartbeats;
ragged breaths paint fears.

Dark stillness pervades.
A portentous quiet crawls.
Time runs down the trees.

Horrors stick to buildings;
the crossroads speak travesties.
The earth remembers.

Injustice rustles
sheets of anonymity,
shreds to expose them.

As gloom-filled sorrows
weep, blithe memories of light
stream through forest boughs.

Day breaks like eggshells.
Blue jays shatter silent leaves;
clouds re-ink rainbows.

Crows now fly away,
I begin to breathe once more.
Fog lifts; we emerge.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7.30.2015. All Rights Reserved