Last Winter

Winter icicles stretch roof to hedge.
Squirrels burrow beneath snow-covered leaves
for ungathered acorns. Texas snow is fleeting –
they’re never prepared. They chase each other
shaking off the dusty snow. Up trees, over roofs
their blood is up and their appetites excited.
Spring comes early..and so do little ones.
I watch them racing past late blooming roses
and a single flowering quince.

*   *   *

Our aging shrub blooms.
The dying season cuts short
the hope for bouquets.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

My first haibun.  Hope it qualifies. I have written haiku for years..but still fall short of the mark.

21 thoughts on “Last Winter

  1. I love the haibun Gay ~ There’s hope for those bouquets and signals an early coming of spring ~ I can only dream of that as winter here is until April… ~

  2. I really like the movement the squirrels give in this. And yes, it meets the requirements. That precious bit of flower will have to hold us until spring. I like the mention of the roses and the quince as well. In such a season, I feel this lets us know how precious those flowers are. If the aging bush will bloom in winter, it will bloom again in spring. Hope. Thank you.

  3. I’m only beginning to understand the difference in traditional & free form haiku (senryu).
    Haibun form really is my favorite presently, but for me it is liberating, using three haiku, plus a tanka, between several sections of prose, playing lines & work placement, using American sentences & runes, or whatever strikes my fancy. Congrats, if this is your first one; & yes your haiku is superb.

  4. I can get lost in watching squirrels acting “squirrely.” I like how you included the flowering quince tree almost in passing. Somehow it made it stand out even more. A lovely haibun.

  5. Oh I love this Gay.. there is so much in this to like, the way you describe the winter so different from ours… Birds here are hardy, silent… but the squirrels are probably always the same… I have also experimented with making the prose part even more poetic (I even did one with blank verse once)…

  6. I am transported into this scene! Beautfiully penned. Last sentence in the prose is a perfect ending. The haiku is so compmlimentary yet different….exactly as it’s to be in a habin (as I just learned in this habin Monday — never having heard the term before). The idea of the growing season cut short meaning a lost hope for bouquets — excellent! And how I love bringing the fresh flowers in….
    I enjoyed this a lot!

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